Saudi Drives 24 Nails into Sri Lankan Maid as "Punishment"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. But on the plus side, she now has a magnetic personality.
  2. ...and an iron constitution...

    What's really worrying is that she managed to go through the airport metal detector without setting it off. The Saudi authorities should really calibrate their metal detectors against a reasonable number of nails. One 4" nail should be the minimum trigger value. Obviously there'll need to be a series of trials to calibrate for pins, needles and tacks.
  3. This sort of thing should come as no surprise to those of us acquainted with that neck of the woods. I was out in that region earlier this year, and nailed a few women myself.
  4. I may as well save some the bother.

    That Saudi is really Nails!
  5. after getting hammered in the Shangrila no doubt.
  6. That's one way of getting your nails done.
  7. She was lucky. Most people who get hammered don't get the option of leaving the country.

    But really, was she unaware that Arabs treat Asians as slaves? Sunrise to sunset is bloody good hours for an Asian working in an Arab country - That's normally the perk of being a European.
  8. It speaks volumes for their industrial relations that employers are willing to get down to brass tacks with their employees.
  9. She knows she's been screwed, no wonder she bolted. She'll wash 'er hands of them now.She'd be nuts to go back.
  10. "The woman travelled to Saudi Arabia in March and returned home last week, complaining of abuse by her employer"

    Bad drills by the Saudi, they normally go down the Hotel California route and confiscate their passports on arrival.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    yeah....most amusin'......Sri Lankans are (mostly) either Buddhists or Catholics, so apart from being 'hubshi' are not even co-religionists. At the risk of sounding like the proto-typical Daily Wail reader - fackin' diabolical.

    AFP image for you to have a real good laugh over
  12. I thought fakirs came from mainland India, not Ceylon...

    Seriously though, ****ing sick that is. Should come as no surprise after the royal prince ran over the pakistani lad with his 4x4...
  13. I find it most unlikely that the Saudi employer would either know where domestic tools were kept or how to use them.
    That's what the domestics are for.

  14. Saudis have been nailing their Asian staff for donkies' - what's the fuss?