Saudi Arabia Heating Up?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jun 20, 2004.

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  1. From the Detroit Free Press, 17 June 2004:

    Speaking of sabotage and politically-inspired murders, a Mr. Danny Clayton, of the oil well-fire extinguishing company of Boots & Coots International Well Control, said "It's not as bad as it's going to get."

    Mr. Clayton, apparently referring to an attack severing a Saudi pipeline, said: "It's going to happen."

    Elaborate security measures implemented by Aramco are described.

    "World Energy Supply: Saudi Oil Targeted, Experts Say," by Dave Montgomery

    From the Washington Post, 13 June 2004:

    The Riyadh neighborhoods catering to westerners are starting to take on the appearance of an armed camp.

    Ground floor hotel windows bricked up.

    Portable cement barriers extended across driveways.

    Searches of vehicles pulling into parking garages.

    Security checkpoints on the highways.

    "Given the increasing audacity of the terrorists, the country's swelling ranks of unemployed malcontents and the apparent indecisiveness of the senior princes, it might appear that the insurgency could indeed bring down the regime or at least ignite a civil war."

    "The Crisis Within: In Saudi Arabia, Rebellion And Reform Seize Center Stage," by Thomas W. Lippman
  2. Feck em off.........spend loads ............find an alternative fuel /energy source and send the raghead feckers back to the stoneage 8) 8)
  3. This is Bin Liner getting exactly what he wants, courtesy of Dubya and his mates in the White House! The invasion of Iraq will go down in the history books as a makor strategic calamity.
  4. An old oppo of mine now working for British Waste of Space in the Sandpit tells me Pakistani special forces have been seen in-country. If true, it looks like the Saudi royals can't trust their own forces any more and have bought in some insurance for when the whole miserable shebang goes to ratsh*t. Serves the medieval basta*ds right.
  5. They are obviously going to be slightly more covert than the Saudi SF then :?: :roll:
  6. Saudi SF? Shurely shome mishtake? You could be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act for that. :lol:
  7. I am truly humbled :oops: :lol:
  8. Had the pleasure of watching a US Marines colonel trying to train a mech battalion of what was laughingly referred to as the Saudi "army" just before the launch of the ground campaign in '91.

    In one assault exercise, their APCs charged forwards, then wheeled into line and parked. Neatly. And close together. Ever seen a Spam with a Parris Island crewcut try to tear out his hair? Laugh? I thought my shreddies would never dry. :D
  9. Interesting story that.

    I'm no fan of the Israelis but when the Saudis blame Al Qaeda and the death of poor Paul Johnson on a Zionist Israeli conspiracy it is fecking annoyingly stupid.

  10. The Saudi royal family business has been paying off Al Qaeda for years. Look at the millions laundered through Al Haramain and other "Islamic" charities which ended up funding weapons' buys for Bosnia and Chechnya. If they reap the whirlwind now, they've only themselves to blame. Tough luck on the 60,000 Brit and Spam ex-pats living there, though. Looks like the good times are well and truly over.
  11. Which while ideologically attractive (ie these medieval cnuts/Princes running the show might start to face reality and the will of the people might be heard for once) is practically disastrous! (Al Yamanah - good, a Taliban Saudi Arabia - bad)
  12. From the Guardian, 20 June 2004:

    "Britain and America launched a desperate effort yesterday to prevent more than 30,000 of their citizens fleeing Saudi Arabia in fear after the execution of an American technician by an Islamic militant group. An exodus of foreign workers, who are critical to the country's economy, could prompt the collapse of the regime in the crucial oil-rich ally."

    "Execution Prompts Fears Of Exodus By Key Foreign Workers," by Jason Burke,6903,1243104,00.html

    The lead paragraph refers to such "desperate effort," however the text does not identify specifically who is making it or of what it consists. One wonders what believable assurances the State Department or the Foreign Office could offer to people in reasonable fear of being slaughtered in their own apartments.

    Elsewhere, the article implies that London and Washington are putting out, at best, a mixed message:

    "The Foreign Office is advising Britons against all non-essential travel to Saudi Arabia but has stopped short of telling those in the kingdom to leave - though the departure of non-essential diplomatic staff and dependents has been authorised....

    "The US State Department has issued a public warning that extremists may be planning attacks against Westerners and oil workers...."
  13. Plain as feck to says the lying raghead b'stards have lost control of their little monster and its time for us to withdraw our people and our money.................look to Siberia there is plenty of oil etc there..uncivillised f uck's have managed or contributed nothing to humanity for some time now leave em to rot in their own Islamic fickin heaven :evil: :evil:
  14. We always rekoned that our Arab hosts where only one generation removed from their old desert days.
    Take away their oil and they would soon revert, somewhat painfully, to their old ways and get back to the trible lifestyle which does so much to mess up their current attempt at becoming civalised nations.
    Ranulp Finnes said that in his days in Oman, late 60s/ early 70s, 9 out of 10 children died within 10 months of being conncieved, which explains their now massive population exspansion.
  15. Unfortunately too many of the FO have a yen to be Turked..and see themselves as Lawrences......get a grip they are for the most part ignorant, cruel, peasants....most cant read and those that can steal from those that cant :evil: :evil: