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Saudi Arabia focus of terrorist funding report, but Home Office may not publish report due to...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. Clouds and Silver linings and all that....

    I would venture a question as to why close members of Bin Ladens family were allowed entry to the UK.
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  2. Nothing to with being uber rich and powerful. Oh no, siree.
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  3. Well then, we can expect Corbyn to really push for the release of this Home Office report as to expose the extent of Saudi collusion with the Conservative party and also with 'New Labour, members present and retired.

    Home Office refuses to publish terrorist funding report amid claims it focuses on Saudi Arabia

    The thing is about the real left is that they actually understand Islam has an political doctrine, which has to be countered once it has been used to weaken the lefts enemies.

    I never though I would be saying this but come on Jeremy!
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  4. When you can explain why anyone would want to blow only themselves and family members out of the sky when in a private jet....

    Oh, and they still get screened, just in a different area from you plebs
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  5. Because they hadn't done anything wrong?
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  6. At Blackbush???? Still if you are their chief eunuch, you may know better
  7. They still get checked, and since the risk factor is reduced considerably as "Terrorist only blows up himself and immediate family" is not exactly something that would be seen as a success the procedure will be different

    Therefore the screening is more "risk assessed" but still happens, you don't see it.

    Blackbush is irrelevant as I don't remember said family members having anything to do with what Bin Liner was doing, and private jets land in many more places than only there.

    You're moonhowling over someone because of their name, best you think things through a bit first before your next post
  8. Sometimes the papers go off on the wrong tangent and don't correct it. See CASD not being independent articles ad nauseam. See articles slanted to imply that the Qatar payoff to Iranian sponsored Shia militia kidnappers was to fund AQ. Qatar are certainly in the frame for funding AQ and the MB, what Iran does with the money is down to it.

    Perhaps they've done something along those lines here? So, who else, apart from Qatar has a bad rep for banking governance in the region? Where do the majority of UK terrorist funds come from and who ran the HO until recently?