Saudi Arabia focus of terrorist funding report, but Home Office may not publish report due to...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. You can reach me by caravan
    Cross the desert like an Arab man
    I don't care how you get here
    Just get here if you can
    You can reach me by sailboat
    Climb a tree and swing rope to rope
    Take a sled and slide down the slope
    Into these arms of mine
    You can jump on a speedy colt
    Cross the border in a blaze of hope
    I don't care how you get here
    Just get here if you can
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  2. Great find, here is a non subscription breakdown of the FT article:

    The Shocking Trigger Behind Today's Gulf Scandal: Qatar Paid Al-Qaeda, Iran $1BN In Hostage Deal | Zero Hedge

    The ransom was for:
    The latter who had been fighting against Assad.

    It seems that this gambit has been used quite often over the past few years as a pretext to funnel hundreds of millions to the worst of the worst.

    All ISIS has to do is to 'kidnap' Ahmed the Qatari's platoon who are fighting for them anyway and spring another months operational capital for the whole Caliphate. Wow.
    It also seems that KSA (no doubt with US approval) may now move to annex Qatar and topple the ruling Family, this would give KSA control over the Worlds largest operational gas reserve and seriously help its dangerously depleted income stream given the ongoing low oil price. Wow

    I am sure that KSA will have to spread a lot of grease around Washington, London, Paris etc. to make this outcome acceptable to all who count. Which brings us back to the original problem.
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  3. And back on subject

    Are Saudi-Funded Mosques Really A Problem In The UK?

    Are Saudi-Funded Mosques Really A Problem In The UK? | HuffPost UK
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  4. You're all over the place there. Nothing new in this, go to the Syria/Iraq threads where I reported on it ages ago. The gambit of kidnapping for ransom is as old as the hills. The kidnappers were Iraqi Shia militia, acting as Iranian proxies, not ISIS.

    Qatari jet sits on tarmac in Baghdad as royal hostages await release

    The HTS link was an Iranian payment to them in order to release Shia villagers. HTS subsequently denied any involvement in that deal. They would wouldn't they?

    I know that "Iran funds AQ" in block capitals doesn't have quite the same impact but it's much closer to the truth.
  5. Fixed free of charge

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  6. Really? Well in that case no need for this thread, phew, stand easy.
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  7. I will give you that, but the contents are it is an oped not huff 'journalsim'

  8. Aligning with Iran Necessary to Combat Sunni Extremism
    I found this article by an ex-spook interesting. He's asking people to take a different view on aligning with Iran.
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  9. I see that Trump is now claiming credit for isolating Qatar. The man is a pin-pulled hand grenade.
  10. Chatting to some Muslim Friends today - the opinion was expressed that the Wahibbist Preachers should be strung up from Lamp posts and Saudi Arabia bombed into the stone age**.

    I felt it might be a little harsh - but the counter opinion was that this particularly vile sect is very prominent ( if not by name by activity) and as such seen as being representative of Islam*.

    * My wording They did not wish you even acknowledge they were Muslim - To paraphrase they say Islamicist and Islamic Terror etc but Wahibbi aren't Islam

    **Yes I know ordinarily its Back to, but culturally at least I'm not convinced the Saudis are this side of it.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Well, Trump visits Saudi and suddenly the Gulf states are prepared to sanction Qatar, so that may not be far off the truth, given that the US essentially guarantees Qatari security.

    Not quite sure how the Saudis are claiming the moral high ground and everyone else is keeping a straight face, but perhaps the US policy is one terrorist funder at a time. In any event, it's more than Obama managed in eight years.
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  12. Again, this is old stuff but magnified because it's about suppressing freedom, expect Kuwait to intervene and mediate.

    Talking about embarrassing, who apart from Qatar is in the frame for being slack on the funding of Jihad with poor banking governance? To get a proper idea of where the bigger picture is and where it goes when Qatar has been suitably chastised, everyone's kissed and made up and the Arab Spring has been truly buried take alook at this and its implications.


  13. It always amazes me that while the rest of us will have to queue up and remove our belts, shoes etc. When going through airport security checks. while the likes of the Bin Laden family would simply fly in on their private jets, in small airports and be met on the tarmac by their limos, with no checks at all. A fact that we would no doubt still be blissfully unaware of were it not for the fact that Osama Bin Laden’s mother and sister had not creamed in on Blackbush airport runway.
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