Saucy minx

So is that the BEFORE or AFTER pic at the top???
So is that the BEFORE or AFTER pic at the top???
you mean that mess in the picture isn't the 'during' pic? bugger, I thought it was demonstrating the process of having it's cock turned into a minge.
Nor me.

Transsexual, is that still with bits attached?
You were never a Wedgie then ......or have we finally found a Sapper with standards???


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Whistle in the dark when you hear that sound...

Everone's got the right to be ugly but she abuses the privilege...
Hmm, 20 pints of Newcastle Special Brew, followed by a bottle of Vodka, a pile of kebabs and wire brush with bleach.....
Many, many years ago, when all this Equality and Diversity shite first raised its head (and it did in the police, long before anyone else other than Social Workers were subjected to it) I caused a bit of a stir by proclaiming that I was, in fact, a Lesbian because I preferred to have sex with women. The Marxist Harridan in charge of that particular brain washing session harrumphed and told me I couldn't be a Lesbian as I wasn't a woman. I replied that I was appalled by her sexist attitude, and that it was disgraceful that she should seek to ridicule my sexuality on the basis that I was male. You could actually hear the cogs in the mindless cow's brain whirring. Prior to the next period I had to go and see the Chief Inspector, who though convinced I had committed some Disciplinary Offence couldn't find one to pin on me. I was 'excused' the rest of the indoctrination and told to 'watch my step'.

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