Sauchiehall St, Glasgow; yesterday at 1000 hrs approx.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Yesterday I was walking up this world famous shopping area, killing a bit of time before making my way to Edinburgh, at the time and date stated above when suddenly I heard a piercing scream....

    Near Poundland, what can only be described as a female junkie smackheid, ran out and shouted "BAAAAAAAAASTARDS!!!!" at the top of her voice. This creature was dressed in shoes,tracksuit trousers,t-shirt and men's suit jacket. She was a jaundicey-looking shade of yellow with straggly hair and very few teeth.

    To my amusement she then asked several males,who incidently were normal members of the population and quietly going about their business, if "they waaaanted stabbed?". I couldnt believe what I was witnessing and was taken aback that much that I never had the wherewithall to get my mobile phone out and film the whole thing.

    She continued to threaten folk and threw in a few promises of "Dae ye think ah widnae dae it ya cnut ye?" and " Ah'll dae you,ah've done bigger guys than you, nae bother".
    One bloke who was sitting reading his paper told her to "Beat it ya eejit" and this made her worse!!! She stormed the length of the street turning round to hurl obscenities and kick trees.

    The sad thing was no-one seemed really taken that aback by it.... a few minutes later it was as if it had never happened.

    I myself made it safely in to Waterstones further up the street where I bought "Boy Soldiers" and "The Missing of The Somme" in the Military History section.

    Have any of our other readers saw scenes of similar uncouthness which sum up the break-down of society in these trying times?

    Incidentally, I dont come from Glasgow myself.
  2. Sounds like a normal evening outside a hundred NAAFI Bars around the world.
  3. sounds like any city in Britain
  4. Thank flip I dont live in a city if this is the norm.....
  5. Hang around any city long enough and you'll spot something like this happening, the fact it was Glasgow is neither here nor there
  6. Saw something similar the other day in Lincoln, this time it was male and moving randomly about the street in amongst the traffic, shouting obscenities as he passed people. He was accompanied by a woman who was doing her best to calm him down however, her language was as colourful as his. It did look as if drink had been taken, and possibly other substances.

    As opposed to going into Waterstones and buying some Military History Porn, I purchased a fish supper from the Burton Road Chippy, where all of the customers were very well behaved.
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    No, but it's more fun in the dialect, like something out of Little Britain.
  8. Surely you mean Rab C Nesbit?
  9. If you put "junkies","smackhead" or something similiar into the search facility of YouTube there are plenty of UK regional versions of these zombies falling about streets or lying up alleys.

    Its depresssing stuff to be honest.......
  10. True, you can't even abduct them for their organs.

  11. Surely the snail was in Richmond this weekend
  12. Seems to me care in the community is really working.
  13. For more delights of Glasgow's citizenry in action, have a look here:

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    "Overheard in Glasgow"
  14. Well that is the West coast for you...and before outraged Glaswegians fire in their "you'll have had your tea" sh1te, I'm not from Edinburgh and you're all just southerners to me.

    I think the most interesting point is that RI purchased van Emden's "Boy Soldiers" - a very good read indeed - but also the much less satisfying "The Mising of the Somme". Then again Geoff Dyer isn't a historian but an essayist/novelist and he was attracted to a phenomenon and doesn't really get under, behind or indeed inside the phenomenon of the Somme's missing - he's more like somebody who sees a thing of natural majesty and says "Aaaah!" and then describes it accurately but without elucidation.
  15. True; "The Missing of The Somme" wasnt quite what I expected/hoped it to be and between the bus to Ingliston, the wait in Embra Airport and the flight to Dusseldorf Weeze I had it finished yesterday.

    There's a part in the book where he describes the Thiepval Memorial To The Missing as "unphotographable". This is clearly wrong as Ive took a few pictures of it myself over the years never mind anyone else. :)