Saturday night in the Sgts Mess....

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Stained_Eligius, Feb 13, 2002.

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  1. ....excuse me mate, are you finished with the Express?.... Hello?.....  Erm...can I have that paper after you?  Oh, sorry, didn't mean to wake you....

    Is it any wonder no fuc*er goes there!!
  2. Come to our Mess. Fighting and all kinds going on. We even have a fat slapper who should really be working in the NAAFI, but she's ok as she takes a portion now and then.
  3. LOL cool!  Does she get involved in the fighting too?  We've got a couple of female livers-in here but one looks like a 50 year old Billy Bunter and the other one is REALLY ming*ng!  I'm on my way  :)
  4. I just stumbled across this thread and it's hilarious.  No wonder my chap doesn't let me out of the officers' mess - too much fun elsewhere!
  5. Unfortunately we've no females in our mess. That's probably why I masturbate a lot!
  6. No one uses the mess.......true. See my comments on loyalty and it's probably one of the main reasons. Too many senior WOs too interested in going to the "Dark Side" to care about the traditions?

    Strange how quickly some of them forget their roots when you have to salute them!!!! ???

    Still, come the revolution comrades......

    Love Red Ken xx
  7. That's only when you make an appearance. When your not there.........we have a great time.