Saturday Night Gap

The Saturday Night Gap (SNG) is a well known phenomenon, being a description of the distance between female thighs, at the clunge level.

As a keen student of vagology and horniopathy I have recently become a convinced adherent of the theory that the wider the SNG is, the more "go on my son" is evidenced in the female in question. I would be interested to hear from fellow Arrsers who have had experience of the broad or the narrow, with a view to possibly publishing a doctoral thesis or just knocking one out...
In my day this was called the PFG (piss flap gap) measured in finger widths and recorded in a scale of 1-4, 4 or more being a whore.
The wider the gap, the thicker the flap.

From memory, it just means she could warm your ears while you do the tongue dance on her.
Sadly, ive been with my mrs too long to know for sure, im just grateful these days :cry:
We used to think that girls with bandy legs had got them from shagging to much. Mind you I was twelve at the time However there are girls who could quite easily let a footbal go before they could close there SNG enough. Having said that I remember being nearly strangled by one tight legged honey in Raul's
labrat said:
Would the gentlemen be referring to the triangular phenomenon displayed frequently on ?

Do these people ever walk or run more than five yards from their bedrooms? I'd be crippled, arrse-wise, if I ever wore shreddies like that. I mean, come on. Without a serious talcum powdering and a teflon gusset, you're going to get a raw rear there. It'll look like fillet steak.
Marks and Sparks Y-fronts, that's the way to go.
dingerr said:
Well you couldn't take the one on the right - it would snap in two - YUK!
Wouldn't snap.... if I got close enough the gravitational pull from my gut would pull her into the overhang, and she would be lost forever... poor thing

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