Saturday mornings.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ashford_old_school, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. What a way to start the day. Sat on the sofa, stroking the pooch ( no not a euphemism) with a brew and watching the recording of Queen in Budapest from last night and ARRSEing about! Perfick.

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  2. I've been in to work. Sorted flights and transport for the next few days, now sat in Lady L's in Akrotiri waiting for my inbound flight of Decompressees so that I can show these RAF people how an ATLO job should be done.
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  3. Don't waste your time, they won't take any notice!

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  4. You're so right, you can only tell the RAF where their hotel room is.
  5. I am awaiting the milf next door to come around.I am taking her shopping.I love Saturdays when she has no car.
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  6. The wife is at work all day, so my morning has consisted of laying on the sofa watching World At War on Dave, with my fat and flatulent boxer dog.
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  7. I'll have a quick Keo if you are buying?
  8. They still put on that jewish comedian bloke? He was a funny fucker.
  9. I went to work at 5am, finished by 9, then went to Staples store to see if the post xmas price for my wifes Nexus prezzy had dropped, therefore earning a refund on my Visa. Sad to report it wasn't. I'm also sad to report that I had failled to mention to said wife that I was working today, so when I got home I suffered a five minute interrogation of my whereabouts - suspicion of an affair surfaced as if somehow I snuck out of bed at 5am to go shag somebody !!

    Glad to see our marriage is based on trust. :toilet:
  10. Been to the gym & watched the milfs sweating away & grunting on the machines, always a good start!
    Went shopping & some half blind old biddy crashed into me, said she could not see me & she drove their!
    Now surfing arrse and watching badly dubbed porn!
  11. Wife wanted to go shopping hopped into the car drove down the road, police road block, plod all dressed up in riot gear could see a car burning in the street. Kindly plod told me to fuck off back home as another flag protest was in full stride. When I asked him if I could leave the car there (need a new one) was told in no uncertain terms to go forth and multiply again. No sense of humour plod these days.
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  12. Love Saturdays this time of year; Current missus picked up at 08.00h to go beating on one of the local shoots. I get to do the crossword, odd jobs, potter around in the kitchen and listen to the rugby commentary unmolested!

    Edited to add; .....and I get a gun on the beaters shoot at the end of the season
  13. It's not the old biddy who is half blind then is it?
  14. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Woke up. Realised I had a hangover which would kill a camel. Went back to sleep. Woke up again. Dog whimpering as he had a bladder the size of a zeppelin and desperately wanted a pee. Let dog out. Crawled up the stairs wracked by bowel cramps as my digestive system wanted a solution for the rather entertainingly hot achar ghosht I cooked last night. After dealing with the toilet equivalent of Fukushima I made myself a pot of coffee and sat in the conservatory staring at it until my vision returned to something like pupils reacting equally to light. Realised it was now 1pm and the pub was open.
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  15. Mmmm. Closed the bar on Friday night; Saturday shift have phoned in sick. Went home. Watched Zero Dark Thirty and decided I would actually sleep in the ... marital bed... G.L.J.K. decides to let me stay in bed this morning as normally I am up at 5 ish with Little K. Get up and out and open up the bar. Little K comes back and it is time for the bath tub.

    Little K goes to bed and I get ready for Taken 2; G.L.J.K. puts paid to that idea and I have just celebrated Christmas; after a 6 month famine... Now if little K just stay asleep for a couple of hours tomorrow morning...