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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by arby, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. arrsers, struggling to think of a decent accompaniment for beef tender loin medalions as a main. was thinking about a corriander mash, but that just seems a bit lazy. any thoughts? Also, does anyone have a decent recipe for lemon yoghurt sauce for salmon?
  2. Roast veg Arby?

    Baby carrots, parsnips sliced lengthways and cored, and grilled asparagus??....

    Grated lemon rind using the small "starred" side, juice of half a lemon and yoghurt. Try it first to taste - watch the lemon juice addition. Grate some carrots same way for a wee bit of colour?? carrots will sweeten it but may "bleed" into the sauce a tad giving it a "pinky" tinge mayhaps.

    At my skin n blisters n thus no access to my five bookshelves of cook books so having to wing it i'm afraid :D
  3. sounds good sparky, maybe some seasonal veg and a rosti (if I can work out how to do it). Sauce recipe sounds good, I'll have a dry run with the carrots and see how it looks.

  4. Could try here for the sauce... Clickedy Click

    Although i've had a quick browse and couldn't see exactly what you want, there are plenty of recipes on there you could b@stardise.

    You might find some inspiration on there for what to do with your to speak.

    Hope this is of some use.

  5. You're welcome Arby :D

    Rosti = grated spuds n onions and salt n pepper to season plus whatever else you want to add - i like a dash of tomato n worcester lea n perrins sauce.

    Peel spuds - grate in one sweep on long "teeth" of grater, then turn the spud so the "lines" scored in it are sideways on this time, now grate again, turn, grate again.... grating stops (you've shaved a nail mate!!)

    Doing this will make "waffle" shapes canny mind the french name but you can fry them as decoration.

    For rosti just grate into strips BUT squeeze as much water out of them by wringing in a clean tea towel. they'll crisp better that way.

    Cut onion into small dice and mix together with flavours - make "burger shapes and shallow fry in hot oil.
  6. Rosti is good. Galette is better, especially if you sub in sweet potatoes rather than murphies.


    Beef medallions, in a red wine reduction are nice served on buttered pappardelle noodles. Add some colour with some asparagus.

    Or why not do them as a tower, with slices of beef and black pudding alternately layered?

    You could go oriental and do them with a little ginger, garlic, spring onion and soy. Then serve with a stir-fried veg selection or some japanese pickles (mooli in vinegar, cucumber in vinegat, that kind of thing or perhaps with some chilli added to the vinegar)...

    If it's good quality beef - why not just man up and have it raw, tartare styley?
  7. thats not a bad idea, but maybe haggis? and if it was me, I'd just hop across the field with a bread knife and have a chunky of bleed, still warm meat, but sadly, there will be ladies present who might get upset at the idea of eating raw meat.
  8. Cuddles you web surfing - nose in a book - saturday kitchen watching -cheating arab!!! :D

    Galettes was the word i was looking for thank you!!

    Did you have to post all that PLUS the photo?? I've just slavered on ma keyboard - I did however howl with laughter when you mentioned tower though :D

    "Build it up chef - build it up - good, now the drizzle - I SAID DRIZZLE NOT FECKN PUDDLE!!!"

    mumble mumble mutter mutter....
  9. Forget the galettes - you need a serrated mandolin for that - but you need your fingers more!!!!

    Unless you've used a mandolin before and do it flat palm all the way - stay away.

    But turn the spud/sweet spud after every "grate" on the grater as described. Et voila - shreds o spud for a Rosti or straw chips!!!

    Canny beat an egg banjo like the one I've just had though mmmmm :D
  10. Now whose making whom drool?? :chef:

    The reason I mentioned galettes was that on Saturday I did Gordon Ramsay's recipe for SP was fecking gorgeous. With a bacon joint...mmmm!

    BTW, are you familiar with the concept of the "corner joint" of ham/bacon? It's the bit the trim off a ham. They are not allowed to sell it as gammon - even though it patently is. So you get a nice corner joint of bacon to boil and roast for about a fiver. We fed seven adults and the fenianette with one! Go to a butcher though, supermarket butchery unit will a)not have and b)not know what you are talking about!
  11. Sorry for delay cuddles

    Why oh why do they give these secrets away on TV!!??? :D

    Yeah outstanding - I feel another egg banjo coming on
  12. Why not keep it simple yet mind blowing arby?

    Posh steak frites.

    Heavily season the steaks ( good tip to keep them all uniformly round is to tie a piece of string tightly around the circumference. )

    For the Frites. Peel and slice the potatoes and "top and tail" them.
    Cut chips into monster type chips the width and depth of 2 fingers.

    Gently boil until just cooked. Refresh under cold water.


    Griddle pan, heavy duty, for the use of.

    Get redders. Fry steaks off to taste.

    (Top tip of the day number 2. To check if steaks or any other meats is cooked as you like it.

    Place the finger tip of the finger next to your little finger onto the tip of your thumb and press the flesh under the thumb...This indicates rare.

    middle finger tip to thumb is medium......And forefinger to thumb is well done.)

    Make sure your Oil for the frites/chips is at temperature 180 Deg is good.
    Before frying yer beef.

    When the Steaks are done and resting........Bang in the chips.

    Jobs a good 'un. Remove, drain, season and serve.

    Serve with a nice rocket and vine tomato salad with shaved Parmesan and a very good olive oil.

    If that's too simple I can let you have a recipe for:

    Beef fillet, wild mushroom polenta with confit shallots, cep oil and Parmesan crackling.....Time consuming but knicker loosening :D

    Cheers N_W.
  13. "Time consuming but knicker loosening"

    In what way NW?

    A getting the leg over kinda way or getting a dose of the scoots kinda way? fnarr!!! :D

    I've never understood the romantic meal thing to get yer leg over...

    After a big feed I just want to hibernate like at Crimbo.

    Is this wrong and do I need re-education?
  14. ( lezzer mode on! )

    Yea man, I do believe you need re-edumacating.

    A very good meal and accompanying bottle or two of plonk is a good thing.

    The lasses love being treated.

    But don't tell the wife :D

    ( lezzer mode off! )

    Cheers N_W.
  15. Gawd guys! This is why I read arrse...

    Don't you understand that I'm pre-menstrual and your posts about real meat put all sorts of unclean thoughts into my head?

    Flippin hetero men talking about flippin food! Take me! Take me! All of you! I can't stand the saucy titillation of beef medaillons any longer! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!