Saturday Agenda

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by Moodybitch, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Ok

    All notified of new RV details in Ashtead.

    Press booked to meet us at RV point with their photographer. Interview of the team and photo opps. Leaving at 11am.

    Our own photographer will also meet at new RV and stay with team most of the day.

    Dozy will arrive armed with more leaflets collected from me at 10am from THE SHOT. You scared Dozy? :)
  2. Well, I usually drive through really quickly with doors and windows locked, but... :D

    Nah, I'm back to Aldershot on Saturday night as I'm taking our own crow_bag for drinks prior to his re-deployment to Afghanistan on Sunday. He's one heck of a lad for going back out there...
  3. Well get your arse's in The Traf as I will be in there celebrating my 30th birthday!
  4. Never let it be said that you're not a classy chick... :p
  5. I do classy joints at work, I want somewhere to relax and unwind in my own time....and plus you can't get barred from the Traf :)