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Saturday 8 January 2011: 1 French Marine KIA in RC-E

Caporal-chef Hervé Guinaud, 42, married and father of one, was killed yesterday Saturday 8 January 2011 by an IED in the Tagab area.

CCH Guinaud belonged to the RICM (Régiment d'infanterie-Chars de Marine), a light armoured unit of the 9 Amphibious Brigade (9°BLBMa). He was KIA while attending to a broken down VAB APC.

Two other French Marines were WIA by the IED blast.

Caporal-chef Hervé Guinaud is the 53rd French soldier killed in Afghanistan.

There's always some clown who thinks he's a comedian - fcuk off to where you belong. A French family is grieving today and mourning a brave man. You are beneath contempt.

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