SATS gradings-Daily Telegraph today-Nu Liabor sucess???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. It'll be interesting to see the marking criteria that were used...
  2. Spelling and grammar are no longer seen as necessary to an education. Both children took part, ergo both achieved the same result. It's simple when you understand.

    <paints crazed smile on face while eyes scream nonoNONO!!>
  3. This would be the same marking guide that gave points for a test with nothing but the words "Fuck Off" written on the answer paper?

    The student was awarded marks for writing something, spelling it right and conveying meaning.

    Nothing I read or hear about the edukashun system surprises me anymore.
  4. I remember reading a couple of years ago (however I can't remember where*) about a some bright spark proposing standardised spelling in the English Language.

    Eg. One spelling of Their
    The use of the apostrophie replaced with spelling see above.
    'ee', 'ie' and 'ea' spelt the same, meet/meat

    and so on.

    IOT make english easier to learn, because of course, the child isn't being lazy, the language is too hard! :roll:
    *Apologies for the ref. memory like a sieve...
  5. I think the point of the article is not how rubbish the marking criteria is, but how bad the markers are at sticking to the marking criteria. The headteacher summed it up when she referred to the marking as "random".
  6. Bruin and his legions are always banging on about how much they have ''spent'' on education.Where has it all gone? Certainly not in increased standards.
  7. I have been held in contempt before but I will stick with what I have said for years.
    The Labour Party always planned destroying the old education system and eventually replacing it with their idea of True Education for the masses.
  8. The news over the last week or so was full of the failure of an american company to deliver papers on time or marked with any accuracy.

    Perhaps some colleagues on here should direct their ire in the direction of the american company which failed British children so badly.
  9. Yes they do deserve a kicking, but if this is an example of the standard of written English that can get a Level 4 (second highest I believe) then that is also of concern, and is possibly of greater concern than the failure of a company to deliver. Contracts can be canceled/penalties imposed but it takes a lot more to improve inadequate education.
  10. Given the news over the last few days - do you believe that it is so?
  11. I can only agree. Our KS3 Maths and Science results/papers are nowhere to be seen. The English papers have been returned and the marks published (late). Papers have no annotation on them - no evidence of marking, or how marks have been awarded. There is an overall total mark on the front cover of each paper, but without any marking we cannot tell if the marking is accurate, or follows the proper mark scheme. Also, this means that there cannot have been any moderation or checking process to ensure that papers have been marked correctly.

    My personal interest is the Science results - we are on stand-by to re-mark/check the scripts as soon as they arrive.

    Can we have any trust in the system at the moment. NONE AT ALL.
  12. Is the marking quality really that bad? IMO, this invalidates all the test results. I am not in education so I do not know what impact this will have...not sure parents will be keen for their kids to take a retest.

    What a massive cock up. How can such a thing ever happen? The marking of scripts is a foreseeable event, and there is no good reason why preparations for marking haven't been done. Barring something like bolt of lightning searing its way across bright sunny skies, arcing its way round the lighting conductor and striking a container load of markers frying them all to a golden crisp, I don't see how this can be explained away.

    I hope UK PLC mans up and sues the coy responsible, followed by an immediate repudiation of the contract.
  13. We all know how the MOD writes contracts, what makes you think that this contract was written any better?

    If UK PLC can by helicopters without specifying that they have to be airworthy, I think it is to be expected that this contract did not specify that the papers had to be marked correctly or on time.
  14. Doubtless, "someone who knows" will tellus that the badly spelled and ungrammatical effort showed "greater creativity and free expression" and was marked up for that