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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. is satisfied soldier still availiable? seemed swanning off for 2 weeks in uk was only availiable in blandford and i never got selected for it. who do you have to speak to? one of the new guys asked and no one seems to know what the score is.

    any help would be appreciated

    cheers easy.
  2. Maybe because the phrase 'satisfied soldier' is no longer applicable, and won't be until they get the 24 months between tours they promised years ago. How come it's always young officer cadets and one & two pip wonders that seem to fill their inter career course time with endless adventure training trips? If anyone's a satisfied soldier it's going to be them.
  3. Satisfied soldier is still available; normally run through the RCMO, or Regt 2IC, and is open to anybody.

    It's because they are the only ones who can be bothered to go out looking for, and actually attend qualification courses. Funny that.

  4. i have to disagree with you there CH as that isnt always the case and there is a number of guys that wish to do well and got on with a good career but are hampered by the fact that they dont have any say power.

    To answer the original question that was posed i believe it is the RCMO that could point you in the right direction if a guy wants to do the satisfied soldier thing even though i have to agree the irony of the name.
  5. it is the rcmo and 2ic that deal with sat soldier, it used to be the case that you had to be under 21 years old but now you can do it your older if there is a slot in your area?
    as for young officers dissapearing away on adv trg, i havnt seen my tp OC since september, last i heard he was sighted in Nepal on a walking trip or was it Aspen colerado skiing??? all i know is that if i put in fo a course wether it be carreer or adv trg, then the unit seems to be poorly undermanned or the workload is to great!!! what a crock of shiiit!
  6. Is there such a thing as a satisfied soldier in the Sigs, i do wonder after reading the posts whinging about Blandford and the Royals Signals on this site.

    Or is this soldier a one off???
  7. i did it for 4 weeks when i cam out of basic training ,then when i got to blandford no one ever got it, but it is mint especially turning up to job centres with your number twos on, telling the druggy bstards who inhabit the place to get a descent job.
  8. ps easy wan can't drink.
  9. If you have a Regimental Recruiting Team, you should be able to get the neccessary forms through them, to do Satisfied Soldier in your local area.
  10. Bloody hell this guy cant be an engr, he can read and write / type. I once knew a guy in the engers, i went off with his wife, she said i was so much better!

  11. You fcuker it was you.......

    let the hunt begin

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  12. As usual, if you have to shout about it and ridicule someone you don't even know, you must be cr4p.
  13. Pip pip old chap, my mum was better!
  14. jord im gonna sh*t on your chest next time you fall asleep in the bar!!

    thatll learn ya!

    cheers for the help everyone, im gonna endeavour to get some free time off. i deserve it. havent seen home for a year... suppose id better pop in!

    cheers easy
  15. Who cares anyway, its just a typing pool after all