Satisfied Soldier Placements?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cmt...hopefully, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. I've just passed out of ATR(W) and I'm set up to do a SATT placement.

    Does anyone know what I'll be doing, other than being brew-bitch?
  2. I got quite a few satisfied soldiers when I was recruiting and over the one or two weeks it would be a mixture of helping out admin things and getting out to schools, colleges, connexions and job centres and letting you chat to potential applicants.

    As long as you turn up smart, polite and have a confident approach and be able to talk to potential applicants and parents youll do fine.

    watch the P's and Q's, turn your mobile on silent and make sure you make a good brew for the recruiters without extra spit and enjoy it. What office are you going to?
  3. Is there such a thing as "satisfied solders" nowadays???....LMAO.
  4. you will sit there telling potential soldiers how great life is in the army. and i garuntee you will get at least one looney wanting to join the sas
  5. Well my two sons are joining the Regt or i'm disowning them!
  6. I know some one who said that, his one son joined the navy and the other came out of the closet!!!!!! of all the people his daughter joined the army
  7. Well they're only allowed out of the closet on joining the mortars! :)
  8. would that be 3 para mortars lol
  9. Navy and admitting your gay must be classed as the same thing surely. :roll:

    I told my lad the same thing Fallschirmjager and he's enjoying every minute since he went in the Army
  10. Good on him mucker. I'd love my sons to go into the military and hopefully they will do. Best move i ever made anyway considering most of my civvy mates in Manchester are doing time or on the dole.
  11. I'd recommend the life to any one. My son already thinks he is in the army the way he carrys on sometimes. He'll be doing bedding blocks next
  12. Trust you to mention bed blocks being in the Guards! :D
  13. Hey he bulls a good boot too for a 6 year old
  14. My lad came back down to Colchester for his three weeks leave after basic recently and I think he was pleased to get back to camp afterwards not because of me but because of his Sgt Major mum :wink:

    Youve got to keep these youngsters on their toes, unfortunately led him astray on his last weekend home and he vowed never to drink again. Im sure Ive said those magic words before. :roll:
  15. Oh god the dreeded mother....... After a week at home i used to be the same, get me outta here and back to the CSM screaming in my face!!!