Satirical puppet show about Danish soldiers on ops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Here in Denmark there is a bit of a tradition of TV advent calenders (i.e. a tv show in 24 episodes usually involving Santa, Elves, and a moral). Over the past few years though versions for grown ups have begun to appear too, these are usually quite comic/satirical. Some of them have been quite good, and some have been abysmal.

    This years effort from DR2 (state sponsored channel a bit like BBC2) should have been a series called 'H*A*S*H' which was a 'satirical' puppet show about hash smoking soldiers deployed to a country called 'Problemistan'.

    Here is a link to an episode that has been uploaded to YouTube. Danish speakers can marvel at the crappiness of the dialogue, eveyone else can just marvel at it's general shiteness:

    Luckily they have decided not to send it, but I'm appalled that they even considered doing so. I'm also rather annoyed at the 8 million kroner of TV licence money that has been thrown away on this nonsense.

    Any thoughts on this matter? Would this kind of thing even have got off the ground in a country that has any respect for it's soldiers?

  2. Behead those who would insult, er, squaddies.
  3. If Carlsberg did puppet shows, this wouldn't be one...(1)

    Can't they stick to pork related products & beer?

    (1)Not that I speak the lingo.
  4. You don't have to speak the lingo, in fact it's probably better if you don't.