Satire that could land British artist in a Turkish jail

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mora, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. No one has told the Turks that insulting your national leader is a European pastime. Clearly, there's a long way to go.

  2. Clearly this forward thinking, progressive state is ready for EU membership.
  3. Please excuse my ignorance, but:
    a) It's not the best of art!
    b) It's not the cleverest of satire!
    c) Did the artist feel his life depended on creating THIS!
    d) Did he not consider the consequences?
    e) Will he be a tragic loss to the art world?
    IMHO, of course.
  4. I hope Big Mustafa in the Turkish jail is an art lover.

    And not just an artist lover.
  5. Cigarette Cigarette sil vous plait!!!!

  6. I'lll back you on the shout over the art and the artist.
    The painting is dog toffee and the "satire" isn't very subtle.
    If its the best he can do, I doubt very much the international community will suffer greatly from his absence.
    But that's not what the point of this is, this is about freedom of speech and freedom from oppression.
  7. Oh yeah, I know that (and it's been done before) .......... but I couldn't be bothered to get into all that. But I did feel some comment needed to be made about the "art"!!! And WTF, it's NAAFI bar. (p.s. I sometimes make out I'm dumber than I am). And where's your comment about freedom, then?
  8. deserves to be in a British nick for that pice of shite!
  9. ...... or "daft school".
  10. See, this is why I hate art. A sculpture or two, perhaps a fresco, or a fancy ceiling - that I can handle.

    This modern art boll*cks gets on me nerves. A 5 year old could knock out better art than this muppet. Someone might say, 'Well its not meant to be good'. Then what makes is so special?

    Did anyone see Newsnight review the other night? They had some complete sh*t, that was basically a few very bad brush strokes on the canvas. But you had Germaine Greer saying how you weren't supposed to look at the painting, but let it 'enter' you, in the same way you do with music.

    Why must complete wankers, try to justify work done by other complete wankers? It's not art, and I don't know why no-one ever tells them.
  11. That old story "the Emperor's New Clothes" remains pertinent.
  12. So does Big Mustafa.
  13. Whoever did this "piece" needs butt F*cking. Looks like he will get his just rewards.

    When in Turkey -don't take the piss out of the Turks!
  14. I don't think its the art that's going to be entering him.
  15. Turkish jails are a pain in the arrse!