Satellite TV

Hi Great ones.
I want to extend my Sat TV independently around my house. It will need to be a wired connection (my walls are 2ft granite), I can pick up Sat boxes for very little, and am well versed in running cables and installing networks. Anybody out there done this? I am sure there are lots, this is the one skill area where I am seriously deficient in knowledge.
It is quite an easy job, but as Joe Private says, it all depends on the amount of outlets you have on your dish LNB.
I have 2 cables running into the Sky+ box (required) and 2 separate cables running to boxes in bedrooms 1 + 2 from a 4 outlet LNB.

You can get LNB's with up to 8 outlets on them but they were pricey when I last looked.

Connectors for cables etc were pennies down the local market.

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