Satellite signal strength & quality shooting up and down

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Trackpen, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. I know this is not a Gaming or Computer problem, but I couldn't immediately find a more suitable forum, and was hoping somebody might be able to help.

    We live in Switzerland, near Geneva.
    This morning our satellite signals, on both Astra and Hotbird, have started to shoot up and down the scale, to the extent that we can not receive a single unbroken channel - including Swiss channels and BBC radio.
    Even Sky, which is normally steady at 95% quality and 99% strength, is playing up.
    We had heavy snow yesterday, but the dish - a Selfsat - is clean, and there have been clear skies this morning.

    Could atmospherics be the problem?
  2. Its Dr Evil jamming the tv satellites before taking over the world

  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    checked the dish mounting? it's secure, not moving in the wind or anything?

    whats the weather like over there right now? that can influence things a lot also.

    if you're still drawing a blank, I'll speak to tjn senior - he used to have a sideline installing dishes for a friend.
  4. Sounds like (as maguire mentioned), the dish could have gone for a stroll on its pole. Or moisture ingress at any cable connections. Don't forget to even check the cable where it goes into the receiver as over enthusiastic hoovering (not by you I would hope) or a nosey pet have been known to pull a cable out.

    Edited to add. I don't think it's atmospherics as you still had the problems in clear skies. It's usually just the mother of all rain clouds or the mother of all snow clouds plonked between your dish and the satellite, that will weaken the signal.

    If your dish has moved then it's a compass you'll be needing not a barometer.
  5. Thanks all.
    The problem seems to have resolved itself this afternoon.
    I checked all the signal strengths and sig quality for each sat and transponder I am using. When the problem was around, they were up and down like a whore's wotsits.
    As I said, they now appear to have stabilised with sig strength at about 75-80%, and quality up in the 90s on all relevant transponders.
    From that, I deduced, but open to correction as a non-bleep minded person, that the dish had not been off for a stroll of its own volition: our dish is mounted on a motor, but that seems secure.
    I think the most likely source is weather, though.
    Right now, for instance, it's beautifully sunny - where we are. Just behind us, no more than 6km, I can see it's snowing like hell, and the other side of the lake, which is the direction we have to point our sat, is pretty much clear up to Mont Blanc, but there a whopping great barrier of cloud heading up this way.
  6. Are you just trying to make us jealous?
  7. Are you just trying to make us jealous?
  8. No! and No!
  9. A definition of a Gentleman:

    A Gentleman is never rude unintentionally.

    Or double posts. :lol:

    I'm glad it sorted itself out Trackpen, weather is always a problem and you're seeing far more of it than I am. Let's face I haven't got the views but I do have the signal strength (100%/100% and not THAT far away from you).
  10. In addition, it doesn't help much that we're right on the edge of the footprint for Astra-2D. A larger dish would help, but due to building/lease regulations, we stuck with a Selfsat.

    As for 06's double-post, he can't help it, you know. In any case, he's only jealous because he lives in one of those locations where if it doesn't rain for 48h, they declare a drought: and they haven't done that for over 50 years!
  11. I did guess that Trackpen as these flat jobbers are pretty crap as far as gain is concerned. I checked today and a Technisat 55cm had superior gain to your 'brick on the wall'. But if it's the regs what choice do you have?

    But I bet the views from your gaff are spectacular. :lol:

    I have to be content with my latest view of French life and that was a French farmer directly opposite pissing up the side of his tractor. But then I think of my signal strength. :)

    Edited to add:

    The reception is probably even better in Paderborn

    The reception is probably even better in Paderborn.
  12. Ah, your farmer is obviously having similar reception problems and is just wetting down the string a touch more.
    Have to admit to good views. They're just as good from my office - at the end of the garden! But the 10m commute through snow is a real bind. :lol: :lol: