Satellite Navigation Systems

Been told to order Sat Nav's, so just wondering if anyone has the part number for the Garmin 12XL series; SCOC disc is usefull looking for MOD's but not the main equipment, if not Garmin then anything would be acceptable :)

My last G1098 had 5 Magellen 315's and they were excellent GPS's, idiot proof and so easy to use.

I then bought my own and still use it now, it's never let me down. It's at home but if you want I'll send you the NSN.
As promised. Magellen 315 Mentor NSN W10 5825 99 139 3042

As I said idiot proof, easy to use and rugged, (I've not broke it yet and it's just done it's 7th tour)
Got to agree with Bury, i "aquired" a Magellan 315 and yes, now, its dated but it does exactly what it says on the tin.
In fact i had it out the other day and stood outside the office and it still had my waypoints in from when i was in Uzbehkistan at the american K2 airfield. Fair few miles to waypoint1 i can tell you!

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