Satellite communications

I’m currently at an OTC looking at joining the Signals after University, which is fast approaching.

A while ago now we received a presentation from the tri-corp team (RE,Sigs,REME) and one of the fields that peaked my interest was Satellite communications. The impression seemed to be that there was a lot of travel involved, namely embassies and foreign countries that were about to explode; as well of a role in the field army of course.

Is this really the case or has it been sugar coated in the presentation? I realize that its pretty standard practice.

I’m just wondering if theres any truth in it, and how does an officer fit into it? Do they tend to be deployed as well or are sat in a dusty office in Bramcote receiving smug ‘Wish you were here…’ postcards from a troop deployed to 4 different time zones?

I fully realize that this might be a sensitive subject and understand if you don’t really want to comment on it.
Satcom predominately (havent spelt that right have i!!) held by 30 and 2 Sig Regt but yes as a Troopy you will go with you troops when they deploy (although not always)

Satcom is now routinely deployed on all ops and exercises (if available) so its just not 30 and 2 that get to see it.

To be honest it isnt that gucci!! Theres much more interesting CIS kit out there :)
Due to the nature of the role, you are more likely to deploy with your tps now than previously. Bear in mind that as an Offr you are likely to do one tour at such a unit (not necessarily at the beginning of your career) and then move on. Very good job though........
And you can’t do it if you are circumcised.

You need to be a complete c**k to qualify!

By the way………..what’s your degree course in?

Hopefully not Botany like some of the Troopies have got.

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