Satanists to be protected under new race laws...

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Extremist religious groups that advocate child abuse will be given protection under a Bill published by the Government yesterday.

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill would outlaw remarks considered likely to stir up hatred against all religious groups, including those whose followers believe in beating children to drive out demons.

The Bill contains no definition of "religious belief" and ministers confirmed it would cover members of the African religion whose adherents were convicted last week of cruelty to a girl of eight they regarded as a witch.

Satanists, pagans and atheists would be protected.

Having good reason for making insulting comments that could provoke hatred of a particular religious doctrine would be no defence, nor would the fact that they were true.

Opponents said the Bill would seriously undermine freedom of speech.
So now we can no longer criticise something even if our criticism is correct? No more criticising the islamic millitants who seek to destroy us, the irish nationalists who wish to maim us, or any other nasty bunch of people. whatever next, telescreens in each house to monitor our thoughts and conversations? :roll:
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