SATA Connector

Quick q, hopefully can be answered soon or I'm gonna have to go back to the PC shop,
The SATA Power Cable on my mom's PC has more or less snuffed it, the connector on the Harddrives side, (The bit that pops into the Power Supply's side) has had one of the pins come out of the little plastic holder and I so far havent managed to get it back in, any advice?

Sorry bout the sh1t spelling I've been working on this dam machine for 6 hours, (and no not just the Pin, having to Repair Windows XP on the Machine due to a DLL problem, which caused more problems with XP not recognizing SATA, which caused me to Slipstream a new Install disc with nLite containing the SATA drivers for the X86 system, and still not working due to afore-mentioned Hardware issue)

Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Buy a new one from Maplins or PC World. When SATA cables go the they stay goosed. They are also prone to interference from other components and electrical sources.
Ah was afraid of that, managed to get it back in but it's a tad misshaped, so am running Window's Setup again but I have a nasty feeling its still gonna come up driveless, thanks anyway mate

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