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was just looking for some advice going on weekend four this weekend and as most of you will kknow this envolves my weapons handling tests blank fireing and of course the sat range was just wondering what exactly the sat range is and what it involves

It's a simulation of live firing which involves a screen with range practices running on it. The weapon is operated with compressed air and a lazer sighting unit. It can tell if you are snatching your trigger and barrel movement amongst other faults. Good bit of kit and a warm environment to boot.

It's not called SAT anymore it's a DCTT I believe.
^ The Dismounted Close Combat Trainer, some interesting shoots a lot of scenario shoots ie section in defence, pretty realistic for what basically is a computer game with attitude
Very good WNB, I should have listened more and drank less on my CMCQ....
thanks been a great help was just no sure as to what it consisted of guessin mainly just practice of safty and technique before putting you on a real range
stevie_The_pioneer said:
thanks been a great help was just no sure as to what it consisted of guessin mainly just practice of safty and technique before putting you on a real range
Pretty much yes, apparently the rifles have sensors in to measure if you cant (tilt) the weapon snatch the trigger etc. however itisn't designed to replace live firing.

As for safty is that a type of kebab like a kofti kebab :wink:
Ahh the good old "giant Nintendo" :lol:

We had a lad scream at the screen the last time we went on one (bless him, he really thought we were being shot at!!)

"Get some, get some!!!"
I didnt think DCCT was covered on the CMCQ!
DCCT is the "new" system to replace the gerbill and steam powered SAT computer.
Has loads of similar programs on it, from all your Live Fire Ranges for grouping/zeroing and firing from alternate positions windage and all that gubbins etc.
Also contains a whole bunch of simulations from dawn attack, some CQB, ambushes and so on.
It is designed to teach good drills and marksmanship principles by use of analytical tools such as trigger pressures, butt puressue, which can be used as a good debriefing and instructional tool to improve shooting ability and safety on a real range.
On top of that there is another program sort of controlled by the custodian who has a joystick and can "lead" the patrol through its control. Enemy then appear for you to engage. Very rarely used from what I hear though due to usual TA time constraints, and the lack of good DCCT operators (many have not converted from SAT to DCCT from what I hear.
DCCT is now an extended part of the full RMQ suite of courses. CMCQ (2weekends), RMQ(3weekends), DCCT/AMS(1 or 2 weekends not sure). It is probably covered on Skill At Arms course no doubt too.
^ Twas a brief intro to DCCT, nothing in-depth. But I'm on my RMQ this coming month so will hopefully learn loads.
Stevie. I think you'll find that you are not on the DCCT until the Sunday of weekend 5. This weekend you'll be doing SAA, Map Reading & First Aid. Mind you I suspect that if any instructors :wink: have read your posts on the other thread, you might be busier than others 8O 8O
very funny verry funny i think u will find weekend five is a feild weekend actualy you do 25mtr range morning of weekend five then in field till sunday then map reading first aid when rtn
weekend four is blank firing and sat range
I didnt know I cracked a joke. Ckeck your trg program.

if u check ure program how can u do sat and range if ure in feild w/e 5 w/e 4 is blank firing and sat range w/e 5 is first live range
For a start you are not Blank Firing this weekend. End of Story.

W/e 4 Skill at Arms, Map reading, First Aid & Fitness trg.
W/e 5 Fieldcraft (saturday), Sunday, Grouping 25m in the DCCT. Then Grouping from 25m prone (live).

Hope you enjoy your weekend. :wink:
Steve obviously knows better sweaty, he is, after all, a (almost) fully trained TA soldier...
For anybody wanting to do the DCCT course. I recomend doing the 5 day Systems Manager course at Brecon. They have 4 systems there and its a more indepth course than on any RMQ course.

Plus you can get hammered every night at the various establishments in the village. :lol: :lol:
As long as you are a l/cpl or above you can attend the course. You do not have to be RMQ 1-3 to attend the course, since as a DCCT systems manager you can operate the system while a RCO conducts the practices.

It is a Good course.
IIRC you have to be an RMQ to be a DCCT operator, this means you have to be Cpl or above. I know that the SASC insisted on it during my course and a L/Cpl got sent home.

Its a good bit of kit, get a good operator, a good skilly and a patient RCO and you can correct any shooting error, rebuild confidence and produce some first class marksmen. Need to confirm with live though, as stated above its no replacement for the ranges only an aid.
Done the course in Oct at Brecon. You only have to be a RMQ if you are operating the system and conducting the shoots together. Also Range Standing orders at Barry And Dreghorn for the DCCT state the same.

Where did you do the course

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