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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by thebutlerdidit, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. I am looking to purchase a Sat Nav system for use in UK and Europe. Needs to be reliable and fairly easy to use. Budget of around £150.00. Any suggestions. Thanks

    Edited to say sorry for multiple posts, had trouble posting then like buses all appeared at once!
  2. Chav accessory?
  3. The Tomtom one XL Europe is a good buy. Got one at Christmas, great maps and easy to use. If you spend that bit extra and go for the lifetime traffic subscription, you should get it for about £200, but the traffic bit is good!
  4. I've never had any problems with one of these, alot cheaper but equally effective I've found...

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  5. I've found TomTom to be a good thing. Some of the routes have proved interesting to say the least.
    We also use it on the good yacht "Pearl Necklace" to check Lat. and Long. when my pal Vasco is navigating
  6. Couple of weeks ago I bought the Syrius Proline with Truckmate by Snooper.

    It gives bridge heights, traffic info and speed cameras of all different types.
    You also get regular updates over the internet.

    I wouldn't trust it completly and only use it as an aid to navigation. It has been miles out when looking for farms with only a postcode. But in town its spot on.

    Heres a link if you want more info, but its not cheap!
  7. bolox to TomTom's. I've tried lots of types out and I still think that Garmin make the best. I've found the receivers to be the most sensitive. They are priced around the same sort of price as the TomToms.

    have a search around and you should find it even cheaper
  8. Recommend strongly against the bottom rung Route 66 SatNav which is currently about £90 from Halfords.

    Swapped it for the bottom rung Garmin and had no problems with it, in some respects it's better than the TomTom's