Sat Nav "voices"

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by happybonzo, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Any suggestions for Sat Nav "voice" downloads? I'm getting fed up with swearing at the standard TomTom trollop
  2. David Attenborough's voice is calming and authoritative. Might send you to sleep though.

    On the plus side, he's one of the few who still pronounces "kilometres" correctly.
  3. Try Joanna Lumley, "you've arrived at your destination darling" amused me for ages.
  4. You used to be able to get John Cleese in a Monty Python Stylee.

    My sat nav talks to me, it tells me the penguins want me to kill prostitutes.
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  5. Brian Blessed!!
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  6. Kit from Night Rider!

    Classic stuff
  7. Eddie Izzard.

  8. Squadron 14 someting or other.
  9. AAGF


    The Big Yin on my TomTom worked well ...
  10. Roger Mellie from Viz.

    Turn right at the next roundabout; yer fuckin ****!
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  11. MR T, Turn left sucka!, Turn right fool!
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  12. I,m going for that one!
    would definately amuse me
  13. There's a Tourette's one too, it whistles alot!

    You have reached your... Shit piss **** banana... Destination!
  14. The wifey one goes, "You should have turned right back there, you know".
  15. The mother inlaw has an Adolf Hitler satnav....I prefer the pornstar.