Sat Nav - N.I coverage.. ??

It is equipment related, so I guess this query fits in here as well as any other forum/section....

Currently have an old Acer N35 PDA which is used for in-car SatNav and although lacking some of the TomTom/Garmin bells & whistles, it does the job well, in the main - but it has no N.I mapping outside of Belfast.

Am thinking of getting new SatNav in any case and would like one that has decent, usable N.I maps - and the south would be an added bonus (but not a big issue).

Am aware that almost all the units say full U.K mapping - but this is bollocks as a lot of them have coverage in Belfast, and naff all outside of the city.

So, any arrsers have any comments on a decent Sat Nav that includes N.I?
will check my tom tom later and let you know. I have version 6 which is the latest....
cheers so far.....

Know someone that is getting rid of (selling cheap) an old Navman icn510 system - and for all it isnt the newest system the new Navman ones seem to have ponced up the casing but be little different. The 510 seems to do all I would need - if it has the right maps.

am going to look into that one a little more also.

Though have heard good things about the Garmin Nuvi (spelling?).
Tom Tom 6 has detailed maps of both North and South. Covers all of NI so worth a look....
Tom Tom 6 is a software upgrade! Which you should check is included on a new reciever:

Tom Tom 710 has whole of Europe on SD Card
The 910 has Europe & USA on Hard Drive.

Warning however on the 510 or GO they have Mainland UK only, and major Europian routes only, and will need extra SD card as a added cost (Cheeper to get a 710 in the first place)

I have an older 500 (with version 5a) which I am happy with, becouse I never leave mainland UK. Its does need upgrading as when I travel the new sections of the A1M it thinks I'm in the middle of a field!
Again, thanks for the further input folks....

After checking some of the GPS/SatNav Forums have had good feedback that the Garmin 510D system is very versatile, adaptable and contains good N.I coverage straight from the box.

So always have that to fall back on.... and it can be had for the highly reasonable sum of £200 or so
Further to my last;

purchased the Garmin StreetPilot 510D this evening and it seems to do all I need - infinitely better than the Acer N35 I had been using.
Upon checking N.I addresses they seem to be listed with roads intact, and all looks well - though wont know for sure until it gets a 'test run' over there... but for anyone looking for a reasonably priced vehiclualr SatNav that covers over there, this could well be it.

Thanks for the help/info etc.
A word of warning. I've been trying to put together a satnav deal for my company in the South of Ireland (using Navman). Most of the populated areas and major roads are included, however, there are massive holes in the data and it makes assumptions that you can drive across bays on bridges that don't exist. So it's fine driving about Dublin, but not so good at Navigating from Glenbeigh to Anascaul and it thinks there is a bridge linking the Blasket Islands to the mainland. These systems all use the same basic map data and it's very much the same on my own TomTom. On chatting to the Irish version of Ordnance Survey, they acknowledged it was an issue and they were currently negotiating with several mapping suppliers; when I spoke to them, apparently the Irish want 16 million euros for the data, and there is not a lot of take up to make it worth while. The mapping for the North is fine.

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