Sat 30th Jan, 2010, Coldstream Guards, Tower Hill.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacob1650, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. I've copied this from the charities and welfare page, just so the lesser Regiments of Foot Guards and chippies can have their usual fun. It is the NAAFI after all.

    In your own time........ go on.

    On Saturday 30th January, 2010, No.7 Company Coldstream Guards will arrive at Tower Hill as they complete their march from Coldstream.

    The march began in Coldstream on the morning of Wed 6th January in deep snow and sub zero conditions. The lads have been digging the heel in for over 400 miles. This recreates the original march, in 1660, by General Monck and his Coldstreamers.

    Exercise enduring Guardsman ( Moncks March ) is raising funds for The Army Benevolent Fund and is supported by baxterbear. It is also raising the profile of the current deployment on Op. Herrick 11 and The Coldstream Guards Welfare fund ( wristband campaign )

    More info at ( look at the update info box on the right of the homepage ) or the facebook page Coldstream Guards march 2010.

    If anyone is interested I will post more details for Saturday.......... No.7 Company would love a huge warm welcome as they return to their ceremonial home, London.
  2. Great effort.
    Do post some pix for those of us who cannot be there.
  3. Will do, there is a picture board on showing dozens of pics so far.

    Also some footage on youtube, just type in coldstream guards march London

    You should get a couple of results.
  4. I bet the sheep all the way down the country were crapping themselves.

    Still look on the bright side at least the boys kept warm at night :D :D :D

    Well done lads
  5. Wouldn't it have been quicker to get on a train?
  6. Details please. Hopefully, I'll be able to get down there to give them a cheer and take a few pics.
  7. Do we have an estimated ETA ?
  8. Here is one for you :twisted: Colly porn

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  9. You can't knock a bit of sheep porn.......... but can you do any better, that's a bit on the tame side.

    I'll stick timings etc on here a bit nearer, once confirmed.

    Should be some good photo opportunities.......... and you can get a Coldstream Guards wristband from me.

    Cheers for the interest lads.
  10. Lunchtime bump.
  11. There's also one finishing in Aldershot tomorrow lunchtime'ish apparently.
  12. I think it's the Honour our Troops march. I think the Welsh Guards are turning out for that one.
  13. Missed this thread (head up arrse, as usual)
    1st Battalion the Coldstream Guards had the extraordinary pleasure of having me posted to their LAD for a three year stint during the mid nineties. Top bunch of blokes, and a very enjoyable posting.
    Good luck lads, sorry I can't make it down to that there London for the finale

    "switch's back to Naafi bar mode"
    shouldn't their website be called instead?
    mind you, I wouldn't want to lose my name and have to stand tall before the man! he would have me casting the long shadow, and then i would be swabbing til ten bells etc etc