Sat 24/03/07

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Today I had no rugby game, so I nipped round to see a mate and I've set a 45ft 6-ft panel fence, 26 9-ft railway sleepers in decking style (with attractive stone filling), dug in a pond and spent an hour burning assorted garden waste.

    I'm now sat listening to Flogging Mollys, in a dressing gown, slippers and with a pint of John Smiths while my dinner cooks.

    Whats everyone else been up to?
  2. I just woke up (realise its 1500 where I am) but starting at 1900 I get to spend 12 hours saving the good citizens of this fine city from the selves... god I hate night shifts... :shakefist:
  3. Watching Toy Story (BBC1) with the kids, looking forward to picking the wife up from work so I can Have a beer or four ?????????
  4. Up at a sparrows fart for an hour on the weights, bicep and traps today. Breakfast was 4 egg whites and chicken breast. Left the house at 0520 for work. Lunch was two tins tuna and a chicken breast. Back home at 1700 followed by 90 mins on the weights with loadsa protein. Liver for dinner. Now watching the football, sad eh as I'm not really into football unless I think its going to be a good game. So why am I watching this - LOL. Oh well, Lottery on soon.

    Don't forget clocks go forward an hour tonight.

  5. Thought that was next week chap?
  6. No definetly to night 01:00hrs Machristo?????????
  7. ahhh. my bad. least hows i know now. cheers chaps.
  8. So if I'm in a club which kicks out a 2am, are they going to kick me out an hour early?!
  9. Top Gear - retread now
    And then the Clarkson programme that I missed last week
  10. Sore throat so her indoors insists on no p1ssup tonight. Watching CSI - I need to get out more!
  11. Working tonight and tomorrow night.

    After 2 weeks leave.

    NFI Levels are rocketing skyward with no sign of returning anytime soon...
  12. Spent afternoon walking dogs in country, picking wild asparagus, and collecting stones to make a rock wall for a vegetable garden.
    taste buds stimulated and back knackered.

    sunny though.
  13. Half a lie in, two cups of tea whilst reading ARRSE, ten miles on the bike, breakfast, drive to the next county, see father and brother and try to sort out mother's will, drive back, sort out recycling (bottles/cans) park Range Rover, go to pub, drink beer until bored, come home, bacon sarnie, back on the ARRSE!
  14. Up at o'dark thirty for some ungodly reason...could'nt sleep, went to work at 07.30,did two equipment installations(sorted mucho free coffee at second job) sealed mates tool kit with 200yds of pvc tape for a wind up then covered other mates van mirrors in same........far too much tape in my kit box. Oh and burnt roof of mouth wuth sausage roll from well known bakery in north west....things have half lives they're so hot!!!!!!!

    Back home,more coffee read arrse now cant sleep again.................must stop the coffee!

  15. Started Playing Rugby at 1100. God knows why. 7's Tournament

    Scored 2x Tries, mostly due to hand offs and everyone else in the tournament being about 8 stone and not expecting a rampaging prop!

    1430, kicked off 15-a-side, cracking game, got fucked in the front row by an old boy who had too much experience!

    Cracking day, rugby from 1100-1800. Awesome!