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SASS Smock


Kit Reviewer
Morning chaps, i'm looking at replacing my very tired old windproof and i thought i'd splash out a bit !!!

Does anyone own any of the SASS smocks and how do you rate them?


I had one, it was fantastic quality, albeit quite pricey.
seemed very similar material to the (then) new issue ripstop, until they got wet, then it was apparent why i paid the extra!
I have had two smocks and a pair or trousers from SASS and the quality is good, as is the fit.

Bear in mind, however, that if you choose the thin "gaberdine" type material it will be quite thin - the thinness is what makes it so fast drying. That's not intended as a criticism, just a limitation of the fabric.

If you need a more robust garment, ask what other fabrics are available when you order.


I've had one of their smocks for 10 years, they tailored it to my requirements and I highly recommend them.
The kit is good, and you can get it set up the way you want it, I needed extra pen holders but not the cammo loops no problem and job done.
heidisausage said:
How can yours not last for 10 years? A couple of days in the field every 6 months - can't be to hard on your kit?

ooooh the hurt! got it for Bosnia used and abused all over....including the Pentlands! :)
Boxy said:
Lechies said:
I've had one of their smocks for 10 years, they tailored it to my requirements and I highly recommend them.
Mine didnt quite last that long but I second the recommendation
Ditto Lechies but 17 years! OK, it's pretty fcuked now but good for shitty exercises. They are very helpful with the customised bits.
auscam said:
I'm considering their plain tan SAS smock in Ventile, possibly fully lined, as a waterproof; good or bad idea?
bad had a ventile smock it worked but ventiles a specialist material for civvy hiking paramos probably better bet and you can get it in non bright colours.
otherwise get a barbour if your down under a drizabone

it will keep you dry buts its cold

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