SASS Rhodesian Pouches

It appears that SASS is no longer producing webbing and PLCE type pouches, but rather focusing on their clothing items.

I sent them an email inquiry asking what the dimensions of their 'Rhodesian' type pouches were, but never heard back from them.

If anybody out there has these pouches, could they post the dimensions (height, width, and depth) for them?


I used to have one of these SASS pouches, but sold it last year on Ebay (for £20+ IIRC).

Bear in mind that the pouch is indeed roomy, but very long and you may find that the lower corners chafe your thighs uncomfortably as you move.

If you want lots of space in a belt pouch why not try a US-style buttpack, which is shorter but wider. Original SOE Gear do a high quality version.

the old SADF 70 patt webbing had a Uk 58 webbing type of kidney pouch directly attached to the belt with a few extra pouchs sewn on also, quite easy to find brand new & cheep. Very close to the Rhodie set up in the picture.
tbf sass don't really do email mail phone them

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