SASS Kit Carry Smock

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by REMEbrat, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. I guessed you missed this bit: (Occasionally available plain colours, or other camo patterns, please contact us for details). Multicam maybe MTP I very much doubt it.

    IMOO too many pockets.
  2. You can't go wrong with a sass smock.
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  3. I'm sure you are spamming level peaks tack-tickle.

    Your low post count seems to involve only high end kit chat linked to level peaks.......

    You can't beat SASS jackets although some do have a pocket surplus
  4. Knew a bloke who had a kit carry smock.

    Problem is too many pockets to be worn with webbing. You've got (almost) a third layer of cotton over you (inplaces more), extra weight, extra, extra weight when wet and exercise pockets... you haven't seen anything until you have emptied this fcuker at the end of a 6 week fun, packed trip to Poland.

    Go with the Force 8 (?) if it still going, as it is pocketed but not the exremes of th ekit carry. Or the new Mk 2 smock with the under arm zips and fleecey lined hand warmer pockets.

    I'd only think about wearing a kit carry if you can strip your webbing to bare minimum or discard it all together.
  5. Arktis do a similer smock, why not wait until you get MTP though.
  6. I already have MTP... bit of a bummer, because of the large amounts of woodland stuff I already hold/own.
  7. Low post count = New member, simples

    And yeah, i really like Levelp Peaks stuff having just found them and bought some kit off of them

    I think you've been watching too much scooby doo!!
  8. Are those sizings correct? Small has a 48: chest..??? and I would hate to meet someone that fills the XL size in a dark alleyway!!

    As for sleeve length I would have 3 and a half inches of spare cuff on with the shortest sleeve!
  9. I think they've oversized them to fit over other kit so you just need to aim off on the size, it also depends how you wear your stuff, big and baggis good for me
  10. Ex Green Jacket so Looooong and scruffy!
  11. Thanks for all the posts, I did think the FFD pocket on the left shoulder could cause problems when wearing webbing!