SASS Basha

They are very good bashas knew one who had one when we still had the green ponchos.It was very gucci .Nearly brought one a couple of years ago but then we got the camo bashas issused wouldnt i have looked stupid . (well more stupid than normal :D )
Doesnt say whether it can be used as a stretcher in emergencies - having a small basha implies a small degree of selfishness in my opinion; what about the poor b*stard you share with? The issue basha is excellent, if a little large, and does its job very well. Basha shouldnt go in belt kit anyway, so not sure the attraction of cramming one into an ammo pouch - should that be full of, erm, ammunition? Hooped bivvys are exceptional, and if you arent going to be sharing then warrant a purchase, but i cant see the point in this one.
Probably aimed at those of us with crap storeman who haven't got the new ones yet.

I think that the 'stuffing it into an ammo pouch' was to illustrate how small it gets. Not to advocate that anyone would actually put it in one :D
Got one of these when we STABs were still issued with green ponchos, still waiting to see what the new issue ones really look like. You can't use it as a stretcher but still a good bit of kit if a little pricey.
If you have an issue basha then don't waste your dosh, if you haven't got an issued one then only buy it if your local army surplus doesn't have any. Personally since the advent of gortex bivvy bags its rare that I need to stick a basha up.


thedobo said:
The issue one is TOO big. I have one of these SASS ones, still big enough for two people, and very lightweight!!!
Used to carry a lot more in your fighting order back in the 1980's!

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