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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by thecoops, May 13, 2012.

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  1. just a quick one is the old SASS basha a lot bigger than the issue one ?
  2. Yes ludicrously large from what I remember.
  3. I remember that they used to disguise the boat shed with one.
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  4. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    That explains why so few people know the colour of it.
  5. The confusion is caused because it was cunningly painted like this in an attempt at disinformation:

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Looking here would have seemed to be a good start, but utter bollocks spouted by one of the usuals rather fcuked that idea.

    You can see the size of Sass Basha just here.
  7. S.A.S.S on longer exist. So there is no longer a web site, that's why I'm asking here.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Which is why I said looking here would have seemed to be a good start - if it wasn't for the dribble posted by someone who'd obviously never seen one.

    For the record yes the SASS ones were huge, but to be honest an original Aussie hootchie is more useful, especially if it's the lighter weight model. These days they're available in DCP but there's fokoll wrong with olive & paint.
  9. Alright, in order to redeem myself for posting the harlequin cam piccie.

    I used to bushcraft when I lived in the UK and met a fair few people who did likewise, many of them ex-military. Most bushcrafters tend to use hammocks and tarps – a tarp is basically a basha by another name – the MOD issue basha/tarp was generally snotted upon and I did hear good things about the SASSKIT basha/tarp.

    The Aussie basha/tarp became popular when it was used by Mears on his TV proggie, I personally don’t like it. Possibly the most popular basha/tarps are those offered by Hennessy. I have a Hennessy hex fly 70D which is nice and light, is ostensibly made for one but covers enough area to sleep two comfortably or 3 to 4 at a push – I used to have an issued basha till I was educated by people with much experience of such things.

    For the very serious outdoorsman who uses a basha/tarp and knows about such things caternary cut tarps are “the dogs”, they are made from ultra lightweight silnylon and the caternary design increases their stability in high winds. MacCat is the absolute top dog:

    OutdoorEquipmentSupplier, LLC

    or, if you have a sewing machine, or have a friend with one you can make your own:

    The Blackbishop351 Blackcat Tarp

    I have seen a cat tarp in multicam made as a test piece for the military by one of the larger gear makers. I have, however, not seen the thing hit the streets for general issue.

    Some general basha/tarps:

    Tarps & Bivvy Bags

    Alpkit, always useful:

    Tents and shelter - Alpkit

    Aussie Hootchie:

    Tarpaulin | Tarpaulins | Flysheet | Hootchie Guy Lines

    I had a couple, to play with, from Aussie ebay some years back and they worked out much cheaper than Mears - I mean its like a tenners worth of nylon and a bit of webbing, for 90 quid, pissed!

    As Cut’s stated you can always paint a basha/tarp. I have seen this done a few times by blokes in the German Bundeswehr applying a sort of flecktarn pattern. Use quality paints, preferably krylon for fabric, lightly dust with paint, don’t splodge. If you want to do an MTP similar pattern use google and type in DIY multicam or multicam stencils and scale up for a tarp.
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  10. The current issue one seems OK.

    But as the Lt Col remarked on seeing my unit nicely bivvie out on some UK training area for his inspection, "There aren't many f***ing trees in Afghanistan" (Depends on the place, I suppose-but I'm not going to correct him)

    But for scuttling about our rainy little island, they seem ok to me.

    I'm certainly not paying Uncle Ray £90 His company's having a laugh there, given he apparently started out how he is now 'cos he couldn't afford kit. People will be getting MoD standard ones off ebay (and upgrading to SAS/PARA/RM if they've got more money than sense)

    But thanks Effendi for your care there.
  11. Surely that's why Tropper invented the basha pole?
  12. You should have, the man is clearly a ******* chod.