sass- am i tough enough?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by abcdefg, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. hi evryone

    i am knew to this websight so please be nice!

    I was wandering what you thought were my chances of getting into the sas (sass as the pros call it)?

    i do a fair bit of jogging and swimming and genrally like the outdoor life. i no i want to join the army, but i dont like the look of the infentry or some of the other things, so i thought maybe the sass is my best choice.

    but how fit do you really have to be?

    also, can i go in as an officer (you get more money), because i have 2 alevels and red somehwere that might be enough?

    cheers lads


    ps if i doo get in as an officer, i promise not to boss you around too much! at least not the ones who are nice to me anyway!!!
  2. You can do better than that as a wind up , that is total crap , log on as yet another user and try again eh .
  3. I think the phrase im looking for is gentlemen (and ladies)

    "Target to your front, watch and shoot, what and shoot"...."Target will whinge when hit!"
  4. i doubt you have a levels,,,you cant even spell infantry you dullard.!!
  5. Not even a good wind up you tool

    Oxygen thief badge inbound to penis?
  6. Ha Ha Ha Ha... NOT!!!

    Bore off......................
  7. guess where this is going?
  8. sass = single action shooting society When you join you get a tin star with a member number on it I think
  9. Join the Army first mate. As soon as you do that , it'll improve your observational skills. Then you'll realise a SOLDIER did this very recently, and far far better. How are your fam visits by the way?
  10. I don't like the look of the infantry?? It's not a beauty contest for pity's sake or all of the beautiful soldiers would be in the Catering Branch of the RN...can this person be severely reprimanded with trousers down, shirt up, bandolier fashion please Mods?