Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by STILTS, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Why, is it that the Royal Signals wear a dark blue sash and not a red sash as per most of the army i.e Infantry, RLC & REME etc. Is this a throw back to our days with the RE?

  2. Same reason as the Int Corps wear a Green Sash.

    We felt left out. The Sash (IIRC) is only worn by those who have passed the drill course and/or the Provost Sgt. No other SNCOs wear them routinely, and I don't think it has anything to do with the RE.

    If you are not drill qualled and/or the the RP Sgt the only time you'll wear one is if you've been spammed for duty.... and the unit you are in is is **** enough to make you wear a sash.
  3. Point of interest, REME do not and should not wear a sash, Infantry on the other hand do, and I beleive the Rifles for some reason unkown to me wear it on the oppisite side to the rest of the Infantry.
  4. REME do wear a sash when attached to units that require one to be worn when on duty, I've been attached to RA and Infantry were this is the case.
  5. Buryfc66 I fully understand the reason for not telling the RSM of the unat REME do not wear sashes, you'd be on duty until your next posting. I would never tell an attached Infantry SNCO to take his sash off as we don't wear them, fact of the matter is we don't by the letter of the Regs.
  6. I think there are many units that make attached capbadges wear their embellishments, and it would take a CoC with huge gonads to go against it. I don't really mind truth be told, I'm all for adopting different unit traditions when posted with them, even though it does go against Corp Dress Regs.
  7. Do ALL Rifles Bns now where sashes back to front? Or do the old RGBW and RGJ Bns still wear their sashes as per (or not at all)?
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Never seen a Rifles (or old RGJ) SNCO with a sash, only wearing a black crossbelt which goes over the left shoulder. The LI did wear as sash which likewise went over the left shoulder.
  9. The Ox & Bucks used to wear the Infantry Sgts sash up to the time they became Green Jackets. As you say, rifle regiments didn't.
    The wearing of the left-shoulder sash by the Light Infantry was a handed down (via SCLI) custom from the Somerset Light Infantry.

    Quite often, people tend to wear what they like (until they get picked up for it!) and units make up their own rules but strictly speaking from uniform point of view, (and excluding unit functions like Ord Sgt and Naafi cowboy) only sergeants of infantry (less Rifles) plus APTC and SASC should wear the Infantry Sgts Sash. APTC and SASC are authorised to wear it because they are both directly descended from infantry.

    Seems to me that in this instance from a previous post, the Guards RSM knew his stuff-