Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Red_on, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. has anyone ever met an SASC instructor with a sense of humour or charisma?
  2. No. Next.........?
  3. I have, He is an LE Maj, loves a drink, great bloke.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yep, but now you mention it just the one - LE MAjor, great sense of humour, liked a drink, Queen's Medallist. Top man. I assume he's the same as B_A's, as there can't be two decent blokes in the Corps (and he's retired now anyway, probably).
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh yes, I simply add port! Top QMSI and damned funny to boot!
  6. Yeh Ex Para Guy called Jim M********.Sennelager 87-90
    Caught me playing the Numbers game on a Monday after I had been on last on the Friday on AASAA Instructors course, ripped me a new arrse but then played a game with my head 2 days later ...TOP Bloke, only downside he was a Sweaty Sock!! :twisted:

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  7. XLM, no names, youll get a spanked botty and a visit from BlondeBint
  8. there is definately a few gobby little lance corporals at IBS Brecon, obviously bullied out of Battalion, not all of them i might add, just a couple of little scottish ones with speech impediments!!!! know who i mean, how he doesn't get dropped every course is beyond me.
  9. Did my FFQ course a few years ago and the SASC gentleman in charge of our section/syndicate was a newly promoted SSgt from Manchester. He proceeded to treat the section as if we were all on Junior Breacon forgetting that the majority of us were the same or higher rank than him. Finally came to head when a very large Scottish Regiment Capt remained behind in the syndicate room after one lesson for a "chat". Next lesson we had the Australian WO2 on exchange and he remained with us till the end. He was a top bloke as he wasn't all hung up on the I'm an SASC god trip, taught us all we needed to know and had a great sense of humour.
  10. 50:50 in my experience.

    Knew a couple in the mess at Shorncliffe a few years ago. Good blokes socially, although one took a bit of getting used to. Never actually worked with those ones. Also met an LE Capt on an OTX who was good news. I think he was in their TA bit, but had served a full regular career. Plus a little Irish fella who was just about to get out. He was a good egg too.

    However, have worked with quite a few others and they, to a man, have been full-on kn0b-jockeys. Mostly only saw the soles of their boots as they had their heads stuck so far up the OC's arrses.
  11. Mortar Div have some darn fine ones - ex RGJ geezer, shame he is a Chelsea fan... also a Jock with The Worlds Worst Teeth who can talk solidly through an entire lesson so that you have no opportunity to ask questions..
  12. If he is about 6' 9'', ex Para reg, "When I was in the Oooooman I shot this bloke with my L42 at 900 metres" and he trialled the L96, then yes, he is a good bloke.
  13. Yes. Tolerant, too, particularly of inexperienced young snotnosed TA types trying frantically to sort out a unit shooting team.... 8)

    ...mind you, I did discover that a different SASC WO2 was reacting, err, frostily to our WO2, because our WO2 had punched him out when they were both younger......."he was being a tw*t on the MG course"
  14. Forgive my ignorance lads, but whats an SASC?
  15. Small Arms School Corps

    I was on a range course at Ballykinler a few years back. One of the WO2 SASC guys instructing had a bravery award on his office wall relating to an incident that occurred on a grenade range. A young tom had pulled the pin on an L2 HE and went to throw it. The grenade slipped out of his mitt and deposited itself in the hood of the crisp packet waterproof he was wearing. SASC bloke kicked him to the ground, rummaged in the hood and retrieved the grenade before lobbing it safely away. Balls the size of planets!!
    Incidently he was still a tool though!