SASC Selection criteria

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by thelazybiker, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. I'm considering a change in my career direct have have been considering SASC. What is the selection criteria. Any information in this matter will be greatly received.

    Thank You
  2. Be able to teach how to fire a gun?
  3. You must be an enormous personal weapon.
  4. ................................................If you'd have done one of the SASC courses, you'd know the answer.
  5. The ability to point at something using a pen.

    The ability to recite things like it's a ******* play.

    The ability to bore the shite out of anyone within a hundred metre radius
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  6. Small arms. Nice.
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  7. I believe the SASC have been upgraded from the cassette slot in the back of the head to USB under some Atlas contract, but the Guru's description sums it up perfectly
  8. A serious shortage of imagination.

    But, since you initiated this thread, I'd have to conclude you qualify on that count.

    Don't take this personally, but IMHO (honed over 3 decades), the SASC have done for operational shooting in the Army, what the Germans did to the Warsaw Ghetto in WW2.
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  9. I have and I still don't know. What is it O wise one that I should have known?
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  10. Learn to juggle.
  11. Perhaps you weren't paying the proper amount of attention then.
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  12. Tbf the sasc have loads of really useful skill and are excellant coaches .
    Unfortunatly they sign a blood oath never to reveal any of this information under pain of death:)
  13. An inate ability to find fault even when there isnt any is a prime requisite !!
  14. The ability to pretend you can see something that clearly doesn't exist - swirl.

    Fucked if I could see it, anyway.
  15. Try Strike or Tracer then ;-)