SASC Help needed: RMQ (SR) 07 course Pirbright

This course is to be run, SASC, the last weekend March, 1st weekend April 08

I have been nominated for this course by the ATC. (I am alkso an AI in the ACF)

I have previously been told I'm on it, by 2 different 'Officers' but I have not yet received any JIs

I WAS supposed to be on this course, starting the end of March, but someone seems to think I don't want to do it and has cancelled me. That person has despite many requests not answered my calls or e-mails as to why wires are crossed. Someone else has said, as far as I can see, your on it! There is some childish 'politics' involved, but I havent time to chase people who never get back to me any more.

So its confusion all round.

If I just pitch up anyway, with my relevant pre-quals, chits and a PAM 21, what are the chances of getting on as perhaps a course reserve? (or on it proper?) I don't mind driving there on spec, I live in Surrey anyway.

Can anyone from SASC help me?
I suggest you identify the admin office of said course. The clerk there will be able to confirm if the course is running, that you are/are not on it and will be able to send you Joining Instructions.

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