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SASC Deployable?

I am wondering if SASC personnel are deployable. I know of a couple who have gone out to help other Rgts with training out there but do they actually go out on an official tour??
old_fat_and_hairy said:
They really are, although some are ok.

Whoops! Thought it said 'deplorable'.
Damn you beat me to it. :eek:

I seem to remember the ones who taught RMQ etc at Sandhurst were terminally dull.

We had an excellent WO2 attached to us for live firing once but that was an OTX and not ops.
We've got 2 spare QMSIs at our place who could go tomorrow :p

I'd even help them with their luggage!! :lol:

Taxi :wink:

Edited to add..couldn't use them as watchkeepers though..they're always late in 8O

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