Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Civicvti, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi i was speaking to a ex-ta soldier the other day and he was saying that there is a ta sas is this true? something like 23rd regiment maybe? could anyone provide any info on this on what they do.
  2. Wahety wah wah WAHHHHHHHHH!!!
  3. Either this is a very very very crap're too fcuking stupid to use google?? ;)
  4. Yes but they arnt part of the TA but actualy part of the Royal Auxilery Air Force with support from the Royal Navy Reserve. Oh and the salvation army does the catering.
  5. WTF is a walt just bin on that page and it looks like a load of betty swollox!!

    did the simple thing of doing it on google like he said and found a nice bit of info that no1 was nice enough to provide.
  6. What a website!
  7. That's fcuking ace.

  8. I love the names. William, Andrew, Luke, Thomas Steven! Genius.
  9. I think he meant the SAS in the army :roll:
  10. No shit, fucknuts.

  11. Are you sure? Perhaps he's thinking back to the days of Shearer and Sutton for Blackburn Rovers?
  12. No, surely fatboygeorge hasn't fallen for a double-bluff double-wah?
  13. "The enemys of the S.A.S.
    There are many enemies of the S.A.S. here is some of them:-
    Russian spies
    The french
    The MOSSAD
    & all the bad countries."

    funny website,