Discussion in 'Infantry' started by johnson88, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I was wotching an program called Ultimate Force earlier and it really made me want to join the SAS. How do i do that? Is the SAS different to the army?
  2. do u not have to be in the fire brigade to join?
  3. The fire brigade?
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Poor, poor attempt.
  5. yea! ya always hear of the fire brigade being involved in firefights! just like the SAS
  6. You don't want to join the SAS mate, bunch of poofs.

    You want to join the RN in their elite branch, STC
  7. Bore off.
  8. You could try joining as one of their cabin crew.

    A harder route would be if you could do uni and get a degree, then you may actually be able to fly one of their planes between Stockholm and Amsterdam.
  9. Baaaaaaad......................someone shoot that fecking sheep!
  10. Not true, the literary critic part of selection is the hardest. You try creating an original story that can be sold as a screenplay after a night out with some young boys and a couple of bottles of vodka. The queue for second on the balcony is also about 200 years long so you may have to wait.
  11. I'm in the SAS, and I'm a fireman.

    PM me (with photos of your dad).
  12. Sorry there have been so many replies but alot dont seem serius. Is anyone on here actualy in SAS cause I would like to hear it from someone that knows what they are on about.
  13. That bird from ultimate force looks like she's just finished school lol