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    Worth a look see I would think.

  2. As long as it aint just anti SAS propaganda if Eddie has anything to do with it :?
  3. Lieutenant-Colonel 'Paddy' Blair Mayne was one of Stirling's first recruits into the SAS. The nickname 'Paddy' came from his Irish ancestry, and before the war he was well known as an international rugby player. In battle, he possessed qualities in leadership that set him apart from most men. With a reputation of bravery, which was sometimes characterised as reckless and wild.

    Mayne joined L Detachment SAS Brigade on its formation in July 1941 and played a major role in operations during the North African campaign. On the unit's expansion as 1st SAS Regiment (1 SAS), he commanded A Squadron. After David Stirling's capture on 27 January 1943, Mayne was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and assumed command of the Regiment until its reorganisation into two separate units, the Special Raiding Squadron and the Special Boat Section. Mayne subsequently commanded the SRS throughout operations in Sicily and Italy and by the time the campaign ended he had been awarded the the bar for his previously awarded DSO.

    In March 1944 the SRS returned to England where it was expanded and reverted to it's old designation as 1 SAS, joining the newly formed SAS Brigade. Mayne continued in command of the regiment during operations in France, the Low Countries, Scandinavia and Germany, subsequently being awarded more bars to his DSO. On October 1 1945 the SAS were disbanded and shortly afterwards Paddy Mayne was demobilised and returned to civilian life. Ten years later, on 15 December 1955, he was killed in a traffic accident in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.
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    Bit of a character Paddy had a go at redecorating Hyland House Chelmsford:
    The story that has gone down in the legend is after having a "little" too much to drink he decided to go upstairs in the house…….in a jeep; he drove the Jeep up the staircase where it promptly got stuck on a bend and the next day had to be dismantled in order to extricate it. Having seen the staircase the definition of a "little" too much to drink might have to be redefined!

    Put himself about a bit:
    1939-45 Star, Africa Star & 8th Army Bar, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal & Oak Leaf,

    Legion D'Honneur and Croix De Guerre with Palm.
    Mentioned in Despatches .... 20/2/42 - 11(Scottish) Commando.
    D.S.O. ... Middle East .... 20/2/42 Rank Lieutenant
    1st Bar - Sicily .... 21/10/43 Rank Captain / Temp Major
    2nd Bar - Normandy .... 29/3/45 Rank Major / Temp Lt. Colonel
    3rd Bar - North West Europe .... 11/10/45 Rank Lt Colonel

    To read about his life:

    His own house has also had problems:
  5. There was a move afoot to nominate him for a VC for his last escapde in NW Europe. It has no doubt been kyboshed though!
  6. His war record demands respect, no doubt..but however did he get away with such boorish behaviour as an officer?