SAS Walts are gonna love it

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. But how many serving forces play games, Ghost Recon, ,Rainbow Six, Harpoon - Does that make them all walts as well? I enjoy playing Battlefield 2! :)
  2. Battlefield 2 is brilliant :D
    Have you got the special forces expansion pack? I hope that doesn’t make me a walt as well as a geek
  3. Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six are/were great games.
  4. Im still playing the original Far Cry!!!!!!

    Anyone know how I kill all the bad guy's on top of the aircraft carrier? BTW, I'm not sad really!
  5. Get lashed up, put on your dessie wellies and windmill into them with a broken bottle of Warsteiner in each hand. Then do them in with the special 'finishing move combo' known as 'The Dry Bum'.
  6. out the hatch head for the mini gun by the bridge

    on the battlefield 2 side i believe the british mod is released this week
  7. A couple of years ago in NI there was about 18 who all had our PCs networked in the block. We used to play Rainbox 6 etc against each other.
    Started off with just a couple of lads who were on it and then everyone wanted to be on it.
  8. Its a good way of blowing off steam thats for sure, i still play a few FPS's when i get a chance.. :)
  9. don't bother. swim round to the back right hand corner, look up, shoot the ropes holding the little boat up, and drive off in it.

    you might not be sad, but i think i must be to remember that a year later!
  10. So I didn't even need to fo into the aircraft carrier? arrrrrrrrrrh!!!!!!!!
  11. Anyone playing Joint Operations-Typhoon Rising?
    I play it for about a year and a half. Games like these are great to blow off some steam indeed.
  12. Operation flashpoint - you can get your tams out and do it all properly...
  13. God what a dull game, It takes an age to get a game going, the mulitplayer is turd. Give me CounterStrike/DoD any day