SAS walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by BaldBleep, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. BLUF - Defence firefighter where I work, appears to be a humourless individual, but very forthcoming about his time as a Para and in the SAS, no idea which Sqn. Dont want to mention his name as he may be gen, just doesn't ring true. Anyone know someone that might fit the above profile?

  2. No
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  3. Yeah, it's Dave.
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  4. Not Dave.
  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    does he have two silvers VC's like me ? if so I know him
  6. Cecil?
  7. Just the one and a croissant de guerre. Dont want to take the piss too much just in case he is gen.
  8. Has he had his hair cut?
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  9. Not Cecil SD you little scamp ya! No idea Skunk hes quite new on site. Im sure im missing an amusing wind up somewhere in there, but im too d3nse to pick up on it.

  10. Why don't you just confront the tosser and ask to see his 1000 yard staring badge and Ninja Sniper certificate, if he's pukka, he'll carry them on him, like I do.
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  11. Apologies for grammar and spelling, tiny keyboard and fat fingers.
  12. Quotes from Whoops Apocolypse. A funny, stupid film that is worth watching if you are wanked out and can't afford to go down the pub.

  13. Not me
  14. Because he is potentially involved in an ongoing compliant against a colleague, and at this early stage I dont want to complicate things, if at all. Wont even out him if he's full o shite, just want to be able to smile inwardly, when he spins his dits.
  15. Does he fuck kids or possess illegal firearms? Also, does he have a legion of blindly stupid excuse makers and hangers-on?

    If not, then he's probably just a cunt.