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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MervthePerv, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. MervthePerv

    MervthePerv Clanker

    I worked with a guy who claimed to be TA SAS, infact he insisted on us calling him SASS, i asked him where he did his training and jump training, he said he didnt do jump training, is this true or do 21 sas not have to do it? i am in no doubt he wasnt in anyway but it got me thinking.
  2. Thinking what?
  3. Regimental_Entry

    Regimental_Entry Old-Salt


    Fuck off you dullard.
  4. fluffaduck

    fluffaduck Swinger

    Special AIR service? Nah, course they don't need to be able to jump...
  5. Regimental_Entry

    Regimental_Entry Old-Salt

    I heard they just flap their arms really hard...
  6. llech

    llech LE

    Technically the PARACHUTE regiment have had the same dilema since 1956!
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  7. MervthePerv

    MervthePerv Clanker

    I meant do TA SAS stil have to jump its a simple fucking question
  8. I work with a guy who was definitely TA SAS. I call him a hat on a regular basis and mock his embarrassing lack of operational medals. The STAB cunt.
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  9. llech

    llech LE

    Google it!
  10. I'll ask my mate in the Greek paras, his name's Con Descending.
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  11. Regimental_Entry

    Regimental_Entry Old-Salt

    It is indeed a simple question. From what appears to be a fucking simpleton.
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  12. MervthePerv

    MervthePerv Clanker

    Yea STAB cunt, i like that thats what i called him too
  13. Nah, TA SAS is really SGS (Special Ground Service) really.
  14. You go girl. Fucking tell 'em tiger.

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  15. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    I'm glad to hear your resettlement was successful. So how does the Scout Organisation match up to the artillery?