SAS WALT -'Lord' Magnus Sigurdsson Hardradi - one of the waltiest walts



Warning: SAS Walt - 'Lord' Magnus Sigurdsson Hardradi - original name Andrew Clive Nicholls. Claims he was in the Falklands, first Gulf War - probably second man on balcony. Balls, of course, and anyone can make him squirm. Has hung around medieval historical re-enactment groups but also has collection of modern stuff. Anyone know him? Yes, boring, and stupid but a lot of people have lost a lot of money.
You cunt, I have just wasted at least 30 seconds of my life looking at this!!!!!



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Calling yourself Magnus Sigardson the Blind King of Norway, is a bit like calling yourself in this country Richard the Lion heart. or King Arthur FFS what a Fuckwit
Note of a SAS Walt who has been making claims for the last decade. He calls himself 'Lord' Magnus Sigurdsson Hardradi and says the was in the SAS in the Falklands, first Gulf War etc - probably second man on the balcony. Claims various injuries that keep him in secret military hospitals (especially when people are trying to track him down for money ...). Balls, of course, and anyone can make him squirm (though when he trips up he goes on about the official secrets act). Combines SAS walting with film walting (claims to have made swords for Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean etc) and nob walting (claims to be Early of the Orkneys etc - there is one, he isn't), foreign walting (claims to have Norwegian parents and sometimes claims to have a Norwegian title - they don't have any nobility and he isn't - his real name is Andrew Clive Nicholls and he was born in Peterborough 13-6-1958); tragedy walting (claims first wife died of bubonic plague!); doctor walting (claims to have done a degree at 16 in medical science at Cambridge - rubbish ...). Not sharpest tool in the box but has taken in a lot. A multiple walt.
Oh looky, an almost identical post over on 'daggers for dickheads':

Warning about Magnus Sigurdsson, please read! - AHF Forum

Tell me, Tom, is this thread panning out as you had hoped?
He fight like a tart.

I googled his name, seems to crop up on a few re-enactment thread or similar - As well as one with some avatar of a guy in what looks like a tunic from The Lifeguards and an old 1800's INF Helmet.

Is this a case of walts chasing walts?

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