SAS Uniform question.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RNMAMULL, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Not sure this is the right place but bugger it.Recently my brother attended a function at Hereford.While there he saw several odd and bods and a few questions popped into his head,so i wondered if there was anyone out there that can answer them.

    Ok,while there he saw "regular" badged and SAS bereted personell,some wore the beret with a non SAS Cap badge but had SAS buttons on there uniform.There were also those with the SAS Beret,other regimental cap badge and matching Buttons.So whats the gen,are they "retired" troopers or "attached personell"?Why would they wear a Non SAS Cap badge on a SAS beret with SAS buttons??????
  2. What colour is the boathouse?
  3. I dont ******* know,i wasnt there!TWONK!
  4. So he saw fit to inform you about the mix and match, but not the colour of the boathouse?

    Bad drills, ol' bean...
  5. Just walts mate. Hope he briefed them.
  6. Duplicate - deleted
  7. Your IP has been logged, i hope for your sake you don't have a balcony.

  8. No i dont. And I dont have curtains that might start a fire either ;-)
  9. The Supers moved out of Hereford years ago.
  10. Say again?
  11. Sounds like B Squadron, they never had more than one full set of No2's between them.
  12. The SAS beret is issued not awarded. If your part of the sigs, drivers etc that support the combat troops you'll get given one.

    Millets are doing a crimbo special apparantly, buy one get special membership in two.
  13. There are numerous permutations of capbadges and funny coloured berets. Uniform isn't always uniform, if you catch my drift.
  14. Non SAS cap badge? - maybe attached arms..?
  15. didn't realise that they (them) wore regimental buttons on their north face jackets :wink:

    did they bull up their berghaus walking boots aswell? good drills if they did, being smart soldier like types that they are. 8)
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