SAS Trooper Quits Illegal War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Delboy3, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Trooper Ben Gibson is reported to have left the SAS with an unblemished Red Book after telling his OC he didn't want to return Iraq, where he was working under US command, stating that the Americans viewed the Iraqis a 'untermenschen' and he had witnessed dozens of illegal acts caried out by US troops. He said he could no longer take part in a war he considered illegal.

    Do you believe it is right or indeed practical for a soldier to refuse to take part in what is widely considered to be an illegal war since it is a soldier's duty to refuse an illegal order? And is the Iraq war illegal?
  2. Front page of the Sunday Telegraph carries the story with more inside

    Link -

    Sunday Telegraph
  3. There is also another thread on this delboy. Out.
  4. Northern_Biff

    Is it on this board - can't see it.
  5. Got to give it to him....takes massive big balls to quit on moral grounds. For the sake of my career/pension, I would have to think very long and hard to do the same.
  6. Yeah and his boss must have some bottle to let him go, it would appear he is agreeing with Griffin's reasoning. I think someone is in for a severly hard time. Or could it be a SAS plot to get away from DELTA

  7. Thanks for that. Possibly, like me a, restricted number of foreign friends read that board
  8. A lot of what he said is a fair one, however when you're in the Army you do as you're told, end of story. He should have joined Greenpeace instead of going on selection if he was that bothered. He also doesn't mention his chick who influenced him in his decision.
  9. Is it possible that tpr gibson was about to RTU'd, so decided to quit the Army instead.
  10. Interesting question, I'll ask around for an answer on that.

  11. Thats how the SS justified their part in the Holocaust - "we were only following orders"

    Always a possibility, but if that was the case wouldn't he have been given a hard time, court marshalled and kicked out with a Red Book that did him no favours.
  12. Yawn... :roll: