"SAS To use bigger bullets"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tiny_lewis, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. That the Heil is written and read by the kind of spaz that doesn't actually know what they're talking about?
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  2. Cliffs notes.

    SAS go back to an FN - one specifically designed for their role.

    Which, considering how closely they work with US special forces, seems eminently sensible just on commonality grounds.
  3. What a dreadful article.
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  4. OK, I've got the popcorn and a tub of Ben & Jerrys.

    Let the wankfest begin! :party:
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  5. True, even by the standards of the DH, it's pretty dire.
    I'd love to see the AK47 that can hit anything reliably at 300m.
  6. Agreed. It has all the appearance of being cobbled together from every press release they ever received on military rifles and ammunition. Even then they couldn't make it scan coherently.
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  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Since when did the Hooligans 'aim to wound'? Utter bowl acks
  8. Well known to be ineffective against islamic insurgents.
    Bring back the Puckle gun; square bullets, that's what you need.
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  9. As ever with the Wail, the article has a factual core surrounded by shite written by numpties for numpties.

    The latter then post comments, which lead to the inevitable worries about such people being allowed to breed and vote.

    So far, of these comments, we have a clear winner:

    "5.65 is only .22, same a my air rifle, no wonder they carry on fighting"

    Honourable mention to:

    "The SCAR-H rifle, looks like an upgraded SLR to me, At 60 I wont be going there any time soon, but if I was I wouldn't be taking any of this modern plastic stuff with me."
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  10. They also only mentioned one 7.62 rifle, guessing the hk 417 is another, but what is the third?
  11. That might be as politically volatile today as it was back in the day not to mention the limitations of the design- a bit of a square pig in a round hole.
  12. Blasphemy!8O The SLR has been proven to be effective against Daleks, Terminators, Death Stars and Satan Himself!^_^
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